Sunday, July 12, 2009

Dana White Ready to Make Fedor vs Lesnar A Reality

The UFC Prez mentioned at the UFC 100 post-fight presser that Fedor vs. Brock will eventually happen.

“This whole Fedor thing has been going on and on and on. I keep saying this and that about him and he keeps waiting. Eventually, Fedor’s going to be here. I want Fedor. I want him to come to the UFC and everything else. [Lesnar] just became the heavyweight champion. We’ll end up getting that deal done. And then we’ll do Brock vs. Fedor, and it’ll be a huge fight.”

I'll believe it when I see it, but any hope that his fight will ever happen is good. I still think Fedor would beat Brock at his point, Fedor wouldn't get stuck like Mir did, his hip movement is way too good for that to happen.

Friday, July 10, 2009

UFC 100 Predictions: Georges St. Pierre vs Thiago Alves

Thiago Alves- What We Know
Alves is an excellent muay thai striker with great defensive wrestling. Matt Hughes was able to get him down only once and he defended very well and Josh Koscheck wasn't able to get him down at all. He also possesses some brutal digging leg kicks that can suck the life out of a fighter. Has nice head movement and is very aggressive. Can take punishment, also has a nasty leg kick-straight punch combination. Can go a full hard 3 rounds(5 rounds we don't know) and totally dominated a high caliber fighter like Josh Koscheck in those three rounds. Is huge for welterweight and sometimes has trouble making weight. Has won 7 fights in a row.

Georges St. Pierre- What We Know
An absolute freak of nature, the consensus best wrestler in MMA even though he has no amateur wrestling background. Faster than most lightweights, the way he passes a fighter's guard is unbelievable. Using simple first-day techniques with such force and speed that even high-level jiu-jitsu players can't stop it. No one has been able to stop GSP from taking them down and its hard to imagine Thiago Alves will be the first. GSP uses tremendous footwork and angles in his striking along with that incredible quickness. He is way past any of the problems in his mental game from previous years. Can go a full hard 5 rounds. Is on the level of Fedor Emelianenko and Anderson Silva.

The Verdict
I like GSP to take Alves down and beat him up from there, eventually stopping him somewhere around the 3rd round. Yoda(Greg Jackson) will lay out a perfect game plan and GSP will not stray from it, I just don't think Thiago is on the level of a GSP yet.

List of Bars Showing UFC 100

List of Bars and Restaurants authorized to show UFC 100.

Monday, July 6, 2009

Faber's Contract Issues - The WEC Better Step Up

WEC is picking up steam and popularity - or maybe just the latter - in more than just hardcore MMA betting circles but as we all know, more money equals more problems.

WEC pulled in a whopping 13,000+ fans at the recent event in Sacramento, which is nothing to sneeze at. Gate revenues reeled in nearly a million dollars.

But an issue that is rearing its head is the battle that a lot of MMA fighters seem to be complaining about: money.

WEC superstar Urijah Faber has only one fight left on his contract and he's been grumbling about the dollars and sense. On one hand, he has lost two of his last three fights so it may not be the best time to renegotiate but at the same time, Faber is truly one of the faces of WEC and without him, the league would take a big blow.

Let's face it: the WEC is not what the UFC is, although they are supposedly the same company. WEC is lighter weight classes and not nearly as popular as its big brother right now. But for the WEC to continue to grow and eventually earn a bigger share of the spotlight, it will have to hop on the back of guys like Faber.

Faber isn't the only star complaining about the dollars and cents in the WEC. Bantamweight Miguel Torres has also made a point of it to dig into the feeble paydays he's been receiving from the WEC. Torres (-300) is the favorite in the MMA betting lines against Brian Bowles (+220) in the WEC 42 event Aug, 9th.

Pride and Elite XC may not be around, but there are still lots of options for a guy like Faber. He's still a top 15 pound-for-pound MMA fighter in the world, even if it is a lighter weight class that less people pay attention to, but he still has options in Japan, with Strikeforce or potentially Affliction.

Obviously, those would be the Plan B's in his books as a feasible superstar payday form the WEC would be Plan A.

With one fight left on his contract, let's hope that Faber can first and foremost get back on track with a win and then hopefully the two sides can settle their salary issues.

Wanderlei Silva Should Retire

Ontario, Canada still hasn't opened its doors to UFC, or any MMA fighting of the sort, so it was a nice treat that Wanderlei Silva came to visit Toronto to party on Friday and host a seminar (along with an autograph session) on Saturday.

One thing is for sure: you don't need to see the Axe Murderer up close and personal to know that he needs to retire.

For starters, Silva is a popular figure when sports gambling on MMA and you have to figure that of the many fighters out there who are scared or weary of retiring, he'll be one of the guys that has plenty of options. He can do publicity, he can do seminars and show up at random gyms and he can probably still be a face of UFC after he hangs it up.

But inside the ring, it's blatantly clear that he's in the "I just don't wanna quite yet" phase. Silva has been a great MMA fighter but he is clearly past his prime. He's like Brett Favre or Mark Coleman - he just needs to know where the end is.

Speaking of Coleman, here's a fact for you: Coleman fought in UFC 10 and will fight at UFC 100. And he's probably the only athlete in all of sports to be inducted in the Hall of Fame yet still in the sport. But I digress.

Silva just turned 33-years-old but let's face it, he's an old 33. Sometimes you look at his face and wonder if he is in fact older than Coleman. But if that's not a tell-tale sign enough, then how about his recent performances in the ring.

Sure, he lost a decision to Rich Franklin and looked like he had some dog in him, considering the catch weight and all, but overall that makes losses in five of his last six UFC betting events. And of those five losses, four were by knockout.

Clearly, there's no shame in losing to Dan Henderson, Chuck Liddell (back then anyways), Quinton Jackson and Rich Franklin, but any way you cut it, the losses are piling up.

I know he's still a draw, I know he' still capable of beating the Keith Jardine's of the world, but the axe has dulled for the Murderer. And in sports, too many athletes quite when it's one step too late and Silva is getting to that point. He should have one more fight, get one more win under his belt and then move on.

Something tells me that's not how this script will end.

UFC 100 Betting Odds

UFC 100 - Fight Odds

Below are the current fight odds (as of 11:10 AM PT) for Saturday's UFC 100 event in Mandalay Bay Events Center, Las Vegas, NV, courtesy of our partners at BETUS

Heavyweight Title Match

Brock Lesnar (-240) vs. Frank Mir (+190)

Welterweight Title Match

Georges St Pierre (-300) vs. Thiago Alves (+220)

Light Heavyweight Match

Dan Henderson (-225) vs. Michael Bisping (+175)

Other Matches on Fight Card

Jon Fitch (-450) vs. Paulo Thiago (+325)

Yoshihiro Akiyama (-300) vs. Alan Belcher (+220)

Mark Coleman (+250) vs. Stephan Bonnar (-350)

Mac Danzig (+160) vs. Jim Miller (-200)

Jon Jones (-450) vs. Jake O'Brien (+325)

My predictions and analysis later this week.