Sunday, December 30, 2007

Top 10 Things I Learned From UFC 79

UFC 79 was a great event, here's what I learned.

10. Lyoto Machida is no joke, whether or not you like his fighting style, the guy wins. Soko is a talented guy, but I think we all underestimated Machida's skills.

9. Melvin Guillard and Rich Clementi should not be allowed back in the UFC. Talking shit to each other is fine, hating each other is fine, but the way these 2 guys acted is just idiotic.

8. Okay UFC we get it, you hated the Pride Fighting Championships. The whole "we're not in Japan" thing is getting old.

7. I still don't understand why the UFC doesn't show ALL undercard fights, for 40-50 bucks most people want all the action they can handle and many times the undercard fights are great.

6. Georges St. Pierre will be the welterweight champion in 2008.

5. Take it from GSP, if you wanna beat a world class wrestler(Hughes, Koscheck) put them on their back.

4. Wanderlei Silva remains on the top of my list as the most entertaining fighter ever.

3. When Chuck Liddell wins, Dana White is the happiest man on earth.

2. Biased commentary is getting a little out of control. I watched the Liddell/Silva fight 3 times and you would think Chuck was fighting a nobody. All the replays were Chuck highlights and the knock down for Silva was discredited as a simple slip.

1. I don't care what anyone says Wanderlei Silva vs Chuck Liddell is in the top 3 greatest fights I've ever witnessed and for me it lived up to the hype.


Joe said...

10. I think Soko was overrated as is, and i knew machida would prove this. Machida is extremely talented.

9. While both of them did act idiotic, i "understand" where Clementi was coming from because Guillard, aside from being suspended for cocaine use, has always shit talked and never backed it up. He should have never been allowed to fight in ufc again.

8. Agreed

7. I think somehow this should be optional. I think it should be included in ppv but we should have the option to not watch them on ppv for a cheaper price.

6. Agreed. I also think hughes WILL stick around for 2 more matches, 1 versus Serra and then a final rematch with Penn. As i understand there was a stipulation whereas if Penn won the last fight, there would be a 3rd.

5. Any advice from GSP is good advice.

4. His fights are always exciting.

3. I do agree with this, however i cannot blame dana. Chuck is a UFC money maker, and getting him back to the top is guaranteed money. Wheras silva, although an excellent fighter, is not as "popular".

2. Watching the replays it looked to me as though chuck did slip a bit, however he also did get hit, so i don't really chalk this up to biased commentary. I do believe however that mike goldberg acts and sounds as if he is Joe Rogans bitch.

1. Agreed, this was one of the best ufc events i've seen in a while.

Anonymous said...

how about, "GSP is by far the best wrestler in the UFC", or maybe "I love seeing that stupid look on matt hughes face when he loses".

Rachel said...

great points.
although, i'm a little over the whole chuck liddell roller-coaster to be honest. he showed everyone that he wasn't as into it with the last couple of fights that he lost. clearly due to too much partyin'. And the salary difference is a bit out of whack. anyway, there are some great up-and-coming fighters.

And Matt Serra is my favorite. <3

Anonymous said...

Top 5 this year i've learned from the UFC this year..
1. that you can kick someone in the balls 2 times and they would not care.
2. The refs really suck.
3. I can elbow and punch above and behind the head.
4. UFC is rigged.
5. And me knowing Anderson is going to own Henderson.

hubert said...

What I've learned this year:

4. Herb Dean is an amazing ref. No joke. I actually felt this way since last year but no one seems to be putting it out there.

3. GSP is the best wrestler in the UFC, beating Matt Hughes, Josh Koscheck, and Sean Sherk at their own game.

2. You can elbow someone on the top of their head while they are in your guard. Matt Hughes did it to GSP in their last fight. I first saw it in an earlier fight but forgot which.

1. The lightweight division is freaking awesome. The other weight divisions, not so much.

Anonymous said...

(10)i believe soko underestimated machida and could have made it a closer fight if he had trained accordingly,maybe even take the win,though machida is a taleted tech fighter.(future remathch)? (9)didnt care how they acted only cared about how they fought,my cash was on clem hes a good tech fighter too. shit talking,drugs,,,,most people guilty.(glass houses,stones,you know). (8)no one should dog another,but thats what competitors do,even after beating out the competition.(in one out the other,phucit). (7)not enough air time?(buy more air time im sure the ufc can afford it)
(6)without a doubt.(serra got lucky).
(5)could have a point.
(4)he is an entertainer,so is rampage,but if we're talking entertainment and not so much talent,theres alot of guys.(vernon white,tank abbot,kimbo slice,etc.).i like wandei much more for his talent.
(3)if an employee of anyone does awesome and makes the boss money and makes the buisness climb even higher ofcourse the boss will get happy.
(2)i didnt find it biased,i heard alot of compliments twards wandei and if he had won it would have been all about him...{if they ever get to fight,when randy beats fedor will the commentators be biased then as well}?
(1)it was great in all reality neither wanted to attach first cause they knew if either slipped up it could be all over in a heart beat.

these are my thoughts and opinions and remember opinions are like farts evryones stinks but your own...HAPPY NEW YEAR...

Anonymous said...

1) the OP is a biased and is bitter:) as are 70% of MMA fans

2) GSP is by far the most physically gifted MMA fighter.. yet not the strongest mentally

3) The loss of Pride hurts to not have a choice

4) Chuck/Wandy NEEDS part 2 or 5 rounds

tavasos said...

i think henderson will take silva(he wont fall into silvas clinch like rich did)

the best thing i got from gsp is dont do a back flip and land on your face.(its not cool).gsp has proven himself the best in his weight class though as far as im concerned

tavasos said...

ufc is rigged ...awesome... now it will be just as good as wwe ...lmao
c-mon broken bones and scars , they do that just for show???WOW

Anonymous said...

1. TUF 4 was the worst thing to happen to the Welterweight division. Not only did a fluke win put a less then average fighter as the belt holder (i will not call him Champ until he defends it), it also motivated GSP to the point where he will go on a Matt Hughes type run as the most dominate 170lbs fighter in the world.

2. If Serra was afraid to get in the cage with Hughes, there is no way he will want to try his luck again with GSP after that performance. Lightning only strikes once.

3. End the charade that's going on at 170. Put GSP and Serra in the cage before the spring hits, or strip Serra of the belt and tell him to pray there is another season of TUF for second rate fighters. Enough is enough.

4. Despite his critics, Hughes once again showed class, honor and respect following his loss to GSP. At one point his haters are going to have to acknowledge he isn't the jerk they've tried convincing the world he is. Next stop for Matt Hughes, the Hall of Fame.

5. Serra should take advice from Guillard. Don't run your mouth, if you can't back it up. Don't like the trash talking (notice how none of the Top guys do it), but Clementi had all the right in the world to act the way he did after making quick work of his opponent.

6. Seeing the undercard fights would have been nice. I was hoping to see how former TUF coaches Dean Lister and Tony DeSouza. As well as James Irvin.

7. Chuck Vs. Wandy need to go again. Soon.

9. The only way a Pride guy is going to win, is if he knocks his opponent out, or he fights another Pride guy (see Rampage, twice)

10. I miss Big John.

tavasos said...

has anyone seen the fight card for wco on the 12th? i cant believe the matchups the outcome of most of the fights are obviouse but they should make for quite the exciting beatdowns.

CrizoCizop said...

RE: #7 - not showing the undercard fights.

Dana has said a number of times that these fights are for the people that pay to see the fights live. Meaning, if you shell out $300 for a ticket and travel, etc., then you're going to get a little more than the guy at home only spending $49.99.

BTW, for $1.99 each, you can view the undercard fights on UFC on Demand. Assuming there are 3 watchable fights, this takes the home viewers total output for the whole card to $56.00 - not bad.

The moral here: GET YOUR ASS TO A LIVE UFC!!!!

Anonymous said...

man u should really stop tryin to be such a little bitch ass ufc/dana white hater, i can already tell ur nothin more than a PRIDE fanboy still cryin about zuffa buying ur precious org get over it u big baby its dead and it isnt coming back pride loses ufc wins
p.s. if u dont post this comment it is because u know i'm right and u cant stand it

Anonymous said...

The UFC is 100% rigged. Of course how could a garbage fighter like Chuck Liddel beat elite fighters such as Randy Couture, Kevin Randleman, and Wanderlei Silva. Come on people. Also, how the hell did Bisping defeat Hamill. It was just because it was in front of his hometown crowd that they didn't let Hamill win. UFC is full of shit but don't worry because all of the fighters are starting to leave and are going to other organization. As far as PRIDE, it was the best organization and was far better and had more elite fighters than the UFC any day of the week. Though its dead, DREAM is alive and kicking and will be almost as good. Seeya later haters :)