Saturday, April 26, 2008

10 Things Learned from UFC 83

10. Kenny Florian is a pretty good announcer, but for some reason I missed Joe Rogan, maybe its because I'm just so used to hearing him.

9. Travis Lutter might be good, if he ever has a gas tank that doesn't run out in the first round.

8. Rich Franklin has BJJ. He pulled off one of the sickest armbar reversals I've ever seen. I thought is was over for sure and so did everyone I was watching it with.

7. As I said in 10 things from UFC 79, Georges St. Pierre is the best wrestler in all of MMA.

6. Georges St. Pierre vs Anderson Silva is my new number 1 dream fight, and it can actually happen, unlike Rickson vs Saku.

5. Nate Quarry had the right idea, when a fighter is not engaging with you, do everything in your power to make it somewhat entertaining and he did.

4. Michael Bisping looked good at middleweight, but he has always been overrated no matter what weight he's at.

3. Undercard fights continue to be some of the best fights that we don't get to see on our TV, but only on a computer screen. All UFC 83 bonuses, sub of the night, KO of the night and fight of the night were preliminary bouts.

2. My friends tell me I get too excited about these events, when GSP and Serra were ready to go I was as ancy as a little girl. I say screw them, they don't know whats good!

1. I believe strongly that Georges St. Pierre would beat Anderson Silva soundly and not because he just beat Serra, but I think his skills and style are a bad match-up for Silva and I believe that GSP could implement it in what would be a fight for the ages.

Friday, April 25, 2008

Matt Hughes vs Thiago Alves Set for UFC 85 Main Event

After the recent news of Chuck Liddell tearing his hamstring and not being able to participate in his fight at UFC 85 with Rashad Evans(Chuck was replaced by James Irvin). Former welterweight champ Matt Hughes has announced on his website at that a fight with Thiago Alves is scheduled for UFC 85 in London on June 7 will now be the main event.


June 7th, in England, I fight Thiago Alves. The fight is confirmed, it will be the main event for the card. Dana just called me with the news. Chuck got hurt and couldn’t fight, so he needed a replacement and called me and I said yes. More news as I get it. No matter what happens in this fight, I’ve got Serra next. -matt

Good matchup, Alves showed some good takedown defense in his fight with Karo, but stopping a Hughes shot will be difficult.

Monday, April 14, 2008

Kids and MMA- The Other Side of the Story

(Pic Courtesy of Xtreme Couture's Blog)

WIth the recent trend of people bashing the topic on kids and MMA, I was sent 2 articles that talk about the other side of the story. Thanks to themmapost reader Daniel and for these informative articles on this touchy subject.

The first article comes from Mike Adams over at

(NaturalNews) Following the atrociously-inaccurate story published by the Associated Press about children being involved in MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) fights, there has been a lot of talk about MMA and children's health in the mainstream media. But like the mainstream news coverage on many topics (including nutrition and vitamins), virtually every single story about Mixed Martial Arts (or "Ultimate Fighting") in the mainstream media has been written by people who are absolutely clueless about what MMA really is, what the rules are, and what the impact of participation might be upon children. Note: This article has been updated, as noted below, to address some of the feedback I originally received on this story. Please also read my updated views on this issue in more detail at:

First off, let me air some of the factually incorrect statements and labels that have been used by the mainstream media in describing MMA competitions. The Associated Press and other news organizations have called the sport human cockfighting, cage fighting, no-holds-barred fighting, bare-knuckle brawls and televised street fights. Not a single one of these descriptions is accurate. (Then again, since when did the Associated Press give a darn about being accurate anyway?)

I do not personally participate in MMA fighting competitions, but I'm at least informed enough to be familiar with the rules: All fighters wear padded gloves, all are extremely well trained in various arts such as wrestling or kickboxing, all MMA bouts are managed by an on-the-floor referee whose primary job is to protect the competitors, an on-site doctor can also stop the fight for a medical reason (to protect the athletes), competitors may "tap out" and stop the fight at any moment by either physically or verbally "tapping out," all participants wear mouth pieces and protective cups, the floor of such events are padded, and so on. Top MMA competitors are elite athletes, displaying the coordination, endurance and dexterity of top gymnasts. Don't believe me? Watch George St. Pierre compete, and you'll see for yourself.

I find it curious that none of these facts about MMA -- and the UFC in particular -- are ever mentioned in the mainstream media. Instead, the MSM has already pre-judged the sport, deciding in advance that it's "too violent" and therefore must be dangerous for children.

Too violent? Who are they kidding? Professional football is far more dangerous than mixed martial arts. Even pro basketball produces at least as many injuries per participant as mixed martial arts. And hockey, of course, is far more violent. Hockey players are issued sticks! On a pure statistical basis, kids engaged in gymnastics received far more injuries (and far worse injuries) than kids involved in MMA.


The second article comes from our friends at

Last week, we discussed a typical Sean Hannity overreaction in regards to kids participating in MMA.

Because he personifies the term “helicopter parent” that wants every precious snowflake protected — unless you are a child from New Orleans, apparently — and because he apparently toes the McCain party line (MMA is equivalent to cock-fighting), he seems to think all things MMA are bad for society and when kids are involved, it’s only for exploitation purposes, with the organizers being the only beneficiaries.

In my previous post, I mainly ripped on Hannity for typical mouthpiece overreacting but after that, I thought I could add some more substance to the argument and so I picked a random martial arts dojo that taught children who participated in various tournaments (you know, these existed LONG before the MMA craze took over the fighting world) to get a better perspective.

The sensei I decided on was Pat Betterton of Tristar Martial Arts (found through a random Google search) and we discussed the topic in some depth. It just so happens Pat was a great choice for this particular subject because he teaches children combat skills and he sees the benefit of their participation on a daily basis. He’s also a McCain supporter, meaning he’s not being disagreeable just because he’s not a Hannity fan.


So there are 2 sides to every story, of course most of the mainstream media doesn't work like that, so you be the judge.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Strikeforce on NBC Episode 1 Video

"Strikeforce on NBC" episode 1 aired at 2am this morning. The episode focusing on Strikeforce middleweight champ Cung Le. NBC has been kind enough to put the full episode up for viewing on their website.


Saturday, April 12, 2008

Graphic Picture of Drew McFedries Staph Infection

This is an old story, but the picture of it has just now surfaced. Its a toss-up between Kevin Randleman's staph for the worst I've seen.

6 Idiotic Reasons People Hate MMA

As MMA becomes more and more popular there are more and more people speaking out against this wonderful sport. These are 6 of the stupid reasons why people hate MMA.

6. Close Mindedness- The most obvious reason people don't like the sport is the same reason people can't embrace a number of things, close mindedness. I have friends that no matter what I tell them they just will not watch one single fight and they just can't understand why I'm so enthuastic when I speak about it. It goes in one ear and out the other just because its something new to their world, and that just scares close minded people off immediately.

5. The Violence- This is probably the most popular reason not to watch MMA and is absolutely absurd. Our society is a violent one, no one can deny that and thats why people watch football(the most popular sport here in America), boxing, pro wrestling, and other contact sports. Take pro wrestling, anybody who knows about pro wrestling knows that these "bumps" that wrestlers take are real and result in numorous injuries and death. Think about it would you rather have your kid mimicking MMA or pro wrestling(jumping off your roof)? Just turn on your local news channel and then talk to me about MMA violence, its a media(fox news) manufactured lie that its too "brutal", give me a break.

4. There's No Skill Involved, Its Just a Street Fight- When I hear people say this(and I have) all I can do is laugh my face off. Well if thats what you think, start an MMA organization, sign lets say Fedor Emelianenko or Anderson Silva, then find the greatest street fighter in the world(not Kimbo, he actually trains, but would still lose miserably to the aforementioned fighters), sign him, put them in the cage and prove your point. What would happen is the street fighter would likely be KO'd or submitted in under a minute with ease. Its just an outright spit in the face to any good MMA fighter to say there's no skill involved.

3. Its Boring, All They Do Is Lay on Each Other- This is a sad reason people can't embrace MMA. Often times its just rotten luck of the person who might walk-in in the middle of a boring fight and that turns them away forever. Its common knowledge among MMA fans that when bringing someone new into the sport, you show some stand-up wars first like Forrest Griffin vs Stephan Bonnar 1 or Quinton Jackson vs Chuck Liddell 1, two great fights that have little to zero ground game. Further down the road as they watch more fights its almost inevitable that they will start to appreciate a Fedor/Nog 1 or a Griffin/Edgar.

2. I'm a Boxing Fan- Utterly retarded reason for hating MMA, thats right I said it. "Duh, I like watching people get punched in the face, but only if they wear those big red shiny gloves and I know the guys names". I don't have a problem with boxing, a good boxing match is entertaining and skillful, but its not an actual fight, its a punching war. Ask a boxer like Oscar De La Hoya or Pretty Boy Floyd(who swears he could do it, LOL) and ask them to take 3-4 low leg kicks from Thiago Alves, Crocop or even a retired Bas Rutten without crying like a little girl. Better yet ask them to defend a Matt Hughes, GSP, Matt Hamill or Randy Couture takedown without having their spine rearranged. Its 2 different sports, but boxing guys like Jim Lampley have to run their mouth after every boxing event or go on ESPN/Fox to "defend" their sport. Its a ridiculous argument in which to hate MMA and they know it.

1. Ignorance is Bliss- Of course the number 1 reason is just plain old ignorance. Here's talking to you Bill O'Reilly, Sean Hannity, John McCain(although we've pretty much won him over), Jim Lampley, Bernard Goldberg and pretty much every old boxing enthusiast or Fox News analyst. The number 1 reason these people hate MMA is that they've never watched it! Its like saying you hate a movie without watching it. These idiots have it engrained in their little minds that this sport can have no redeeming factors, no grace, no skill, and no intelligence, the fighters are just bar room brawlers. All old time boxing enthusiasts and all Fox News analysts can stick it because believe me when I tell everyone that it is they who have no redeeming factors, no skill and most of all no intelligence.

Now I'm not saying MMA is for everyone, its not, there are people that will not watch anything violent, but just because you don't watch it doesn't mean you can't respect it because these are elite athletes just like baseball and football players and they put it all on the line every time out for us fans. If you aren't into MMA, that's fine, but hopefully its not for one of the reasons above.

Video Intro to Countdown to UFC 83

I can't wait any longer, this needs to happen, but April 19th isnt that far away.

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

**Breaking News** Fedor Confirms Fight with Tim Sylvia

Russian heavyweight fighter Fedor Emelianenko has confirmed a bout with former UFC heavyweight champ Tim Sylvia, scheduled for July 19th. Here are more details from sherdog.

Top ranked heavyweight Fedor Emelianenko (Pictures) will fight Tim Sylvia (Pictures) on July 19. The Russian mixed martial arts champion confirmed the bout to on Tuesday.

"[Sylvia] is a good fighter, a strong fighter, the former UFC heavyweight champion, which is important," Emelianenko said via telephone from Stary Oskol, Russia. "I am looking forward to fighting him and training hard for this fight."

While Emelianenko was short on details, has learned through sources close to the negotiations that Fedor-Sylvia would headline a card tentatively scheduled for the American Airlines Arena in Dallas, the home base of HDNet Fights.

HDNet Fights CEO Andrew Simon declined to comment on the report, however sources indicate the bout will air on the Mark Cuban-owned network and is rumored to be promoted by Affliction, a clothing brand closely tied to MMA.

Affliction had been connected with Oscar De La Hoya's Golden Boy Promotions, however a June 28 Las Vegas date has since been discarded.

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Tuesday, April 1, 2008

UFC Fight Night 13 Preview and Picks- Free Euphoria, Again

Tommorow's UFC Fight Night 13 has a fight card thats more intriguing than most UFC PPV's. The main event is a match-up of 2 lightweight contenders, Joe Lauzon and Kenny Florian(with the awful nickname "Ken-Flo'). Apart from that fight, you have overnight sensation Tim Boetsch taking on the TUF 3 alum Matt Hamill and how about Judo specialist Karo "The Heat" Parisyan clashing with the very tough Thiago Alves. Wait, I'm not even close to finished with this amazing card. Nate Diaz takes on the always scrappy Kurt Pellegrino and in what promises to be a slugfest Houston Alexander looks to return to form against James Irvin. Also,in a clash of 2 outstanding wrestlers Frankie Edgar meets Gray Maynard, Gray coming off his 9 second KO victory against Joe Veras and Edgar coming off a dominating performence against Spencer Fisher. Those are the main bouts on the card, but the undercard is stacked as well with the always entertaining Clay Guida fighting UFC newcomer Samy Schiavo and to round things out
-Din Thomas vs Josh Neer
-Marcus Aurelio vs Ryan Roberts
-Manny Gamburyan vs Jeff Cox
-Tommy Speer vs Anthony Johnson
-George Sotiropoulos vs Roman Mitichyan


Kenny Florian vs Joe Lauzon- Tough fight to pick, but I think the saviness and experience of Florian will overcome the strength and style of Lauzon in a hard fought decision.

Tim Boetsch vs Matt Hamill- It would be dumb of me to not point out that Boetsch's only loss came at the hands of another great wrestler, Vladimir Matyushenko, but it would be even dumber to not point out that he took that fight on 2 days notice and only 4 days after another fight and he managed to last the whole fight and he even had Vlad in some trouble. Hamill likes to stand and bang sometimes, if he does Boetsch has the advantage if he utilizes those dangerous front kicks like he did against David Heath. I think Boetsch proves he's not a one hit wonder and pulls the TKO upset.

Karo Parisyan vs Thiago Alves- Alves has some heavy hands and could suprise Karo, but the Heat's judo will again be the deciding factor. So Karo gets another unanimous decision victory, his 9th out his last 11 fights, hopefully its more entertaining than his last UD.

Nate Diaz vs Kurt Pellegrino- Pellegrino is a tough opponent for anyone, but Diaz is at the top of his game. I like Diaz by Sub in the second round.

James Irvin vs Houston Alexander- Irvin does have a little bit of a ground game compared to Houston's zero ground game, but this will probably be a stand-up war with someone landing the big KO punch. I like Alexander to get back on track with a brutal KO.

Frankie Edgar vs Gray Maynard- Edgar is rolling right now and I don't think Maynard has what it takes to beat him. Gray just hasn't faced this level of competition yet. Edgar ends this quickly in the first round with some ground and pound.

On the undercard I like Guida, Neer, Gamburyan, Tommy Speer, Aurelio and Mitichyan.

UFC Fight Night 13- Kenny Florian vs Joe Lauzon Preview Video

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