Monday, April 14, 2008

Kids and MMA- The Other Side of the Story

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WIth the recent trend of people bashing the topic on kids and MMA, I was sent 2 articles that talk about the other side of the story. Thanks to themmapost reader Daniel and for these informative articles on this touchy subject.

The first article comes from Mike Adams over at

(NaturalNews) Following the atrociously-inaccurate story published by the Associated Press about children being involved in MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) fights, there has been a lot of talk about MMA and children's health in the mainstream media. But like the mainstream news coverage on many topics (including nutrition and vitamins), virtually every single story about Mixed Martial Arts (or "Ultimate Fighting") in the mainstream media has been written by people who are absolutely clueless about what MMA really is, what the rules are, and what the impact of participation might be upon children. Note: This article has been updated, as noted below, to address some of the feedback I originally received on this story. Please also read my updated views on this issue in more detail at:

First off, let me air some of the factually incorrect statements and labels that have been used by the mainstream media in describing MMA competitions. The Associated Press and other news organizations have called the sport human cockfighting, cage fighting, no-holds-barred fighting, bare-knuckle brawls and televised street fights. Not a single one of these descriptions is accurate. (Then again, since when did the Associated Press give a darn about being accurate anyway?)

I do not personally participate in MMA fighting competitions, but I'm at least informed enough to be familiar with the rules: All fighters wear padded gloves, all are extremely well trained in various arts such as wrestling or kickboxing, all MMA bouts are managed by an on-the-floor referee whose primary job is to protect the competitors, an on-site doctor can also stop the fight for a medical reason (to protect the athletes), competitors may "tap out" and stop the fight at any moment by either physically or verbally "tapping out," all participants wear mouth pieces and protective cups, the floor of such events are padded, and so on. Top MMA competitors are elite athletes, displaying the coordination, endurance and dexterity of top gymnasts. Don't believe me? Watch George St. Pierre compete, and you'll see for yourself.

I find it curious that none of these facts about MMA -- and the UFC in particular -- are ever mentioned in the mainstream media. Instead, the MSM has already pre-judged the sport, deciding in advance that it's "too violent" and therefore must be dangerous for children.

Too violent? Who are they kidding? Professional football is far more dangerous than mixed martial arts. Even pro basketball produces at least as many injuries per participant as mixed martial arts. And hockey, of course, is far more violent. Hockey players are issued sticks! On a pure statistical basis, kids engaged in gymnastics received far more injuries (and far worse injuries) than kids involved in MMA.


The second article comes from our friends at

Last week, we discussed a typical Sean Hannity overreaction in regards to kids participating in MMA.

Because he personifies the term “helicopter parent” that wants every precious snowflake protected — unless you are a child from New Orleans, apparently — and because he apparently toes the McCain party line (MMA is equivalent to cock-fighting), he seems to think all things MMA are bad for society and when kids are involved, it’s only for exploitation purposes, with the organizers being the only beneficiaries.

In my previous post, I mainly ripped on Hannity for typical mouthpiece overreacting but after that, I thought I could add some more substance to the argument and so I picked a random martial arts dojo that taught children who participated in various tournaments (you know, these existed LONG before the MMA craze took over the fighting world) to get a better perspective.

The sensei I decided on was Pat Betterton of Tristar Martial Arts (found through a random Google search) and we discussed the topic in some depth. It just so happens Pat was a great choice for this particular subject because he teaches children combat skills and he sees the benefit of their participation on a daily basis. He’s also a McCain supporter, meaning he’s not being disagreeable just because he’s not a Hannity fan.


So there are 2 sides to every story, of course most of the mainstream media doesn't work like that, so you be the judge.


new breed alhambra said...

do not personally participate in MMA fighting competitions

your opinion doesnt matter then. keyboard warrior i might add. im not saying you have to be an mma fighter. but im guessing you dont train. and my fault if you do. if you some how train in a martial art. karate, bjj, wrestling. your post would have been completlely different

Anonymous said...

you think if you just train you know more? what a loser seriously. your opinion doesn't matter dude.

from your post we know you're just a wannabe mma fighter who thinks he is the real deal because he trains. r o f l.

btw keyboard warrior is for those who talk shit only on the computer, this guy is simply making an informative blog dude, you just look like a seriously moron guy

are you saying you have to train or fight personally to know anything about mma? what if none of those fans even watched mma no one would be doing it because there would be no money

you can be educated about it without training or fighting...and its a good thing. noob

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