Saturday, April 26, 2008

10 Things Learned from UFC 83

10. Kenny Florian is a pretty good announcer, but for some reason I missed Joe Rogan, maybe its because I'm just so used to hearing him.

9. Travis Lutter might be good, if he ever has a gas tank that doesn't run out in the first round.

8. Rich Franklin has BJJ. He pulled off one of the sickest armbar reversals I've ever seen. I thought is was over for sure and so did everyone I was watching it with.

7. As I said in 10 things from UFC 79, Georges St. Pierre is the best wrestler in all of MMA.

6. Georges St. Pierre vs Anderson Silva is my new number 1 dream fight, and it can actually happen, unlike Rickson vs Saku.

5. Nate Quarry had the right idea, when a fighter is not engaging with you, do everything in your power to make it somewhat entertaining and he did.

4. Michael Bisping looked good at middleweight, but he has always been overrated no matter what weight he's at.

3. Undercard fights continue to be some of the best fights that we don't get to see on our TV, but only on a computer screen. All UFC 83 bonuses, sub of the night, KO of the night and fight of the night were preliminary bouts.

2. My friends tell me I get too excited about these events, when GSP and Serra were ready to go I was as ancy as a little girl. I say screw them, they don't know whats good!

1. I believe strongly that Georges St. Pierre would beat Anderson Silva soundly and not because he just beat Serra, but I think his skills and style are a bad match-up for Silva and I believe that GSP could implement it in what would be a fight for the ages.


mix said...

Florian was great. While Rogan may have training in martial arts, and MMA in general, it was great having a legitimate MMA announcer on the play by play. It was like Bas, without the funny accent.

Bisping did look good, but yeah really overrated!

GSP vs Silva would be great. GSP with two belts would make him the face of MMA and make Dana White/Zuffa lots of money. said...

no way gsp would beat silva..your being a liitle girl with that comment ..stop being gsp groupie & think ..who silva has beaten..would gsp beat them!

frazel06 said...

Yes , i agree - I to beleive that Georges st Pierre would beat Anderson Silva . Having said that , i believe that Anderson Silva would have some advantage in terms of standup Purely because its Aderson Silva . Also the Height and Reach may be a problem for GSP , however , having said that GSP handled himself Pretty well against Jason "Mayhem" Miller who is 6"1 , if not Dominated Jason Miller . Another Account to take into a Fight Between GSP and The "Spider" Anderson Silva is GSP's abilty to beat fighters at thier own game , Both Matt Hughs and Josh Koshcheck have endured GSP's Wrestling Offence and Defense - This Not only shows GSP's Streangth but also his Ability to adapt new Skills , and in the context of a fight With anderson Silva , the possiblity of GSP even beating Silva at Moi Thai .

Anonymous said...

I'm gonna add a little to 6, and 1. GSP manhandles anyone his weight. He also walks around at about 185 to 190. The strength he would have at middleweight seems almost absurd to me. He might loose a hair of explosiveness going up in weight, but I doubt it. GSP Silva would be probably the most exciting fight I'd ever seen. We'll see if Vince McMa...I mean Dana White would have the sense to give people what they want.

Anonymous said... I looked at who Silva has beaten, and yes I think GSP at middleweight would destroy them all.

MMA Wallpapers SF said...

agreed with all except number one
: D

Daniel said...

Wow... I like GSP and all but you people are crazy. Dan Hendo is a great wrestler and Anderson handed him his ass. With his great clinch game and razor sharp power strikes, dude..... he's a monster. I think GSP would be out classed and man handled. I would give my left nut to see that fight. I love GSP but I know he's not as good a striker, doesn't have a chin like Anderson, and I think Anderson could nullify GSP's wrestling. But if it does go to the ground I give GSP a slight advantage.