Thursday, April 3, 2008

Ricco Rodriguez Talks YAMMA Pit Fighting- Video

Interview from the next episode of "Inside MMA" with Ricco about his upcoming fight with YAMMA.

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artlifestyles said...

hey suit! Yamma pit fighting, in my opinion, turned out to be a spectacular event. I sat ringside watching the event which proved above the hype. One thing I didn't notice was the push into the cage entrapment to just beat the crap out of someone. This environment was not conducive to that. As a lifetime martial art enthusiast I felt that it showcased more skills and gave the wrestler a fighting chance. The 28 degree angle of the dojotube surrounding seemed to bring people back to the ring. It also seemed to maximize take downs. A slighter degree angle may decrease that scenario. All in all I think we watched more exciting fights. Let's hope Bob Meyrowitz has the insight to bring in big named fighters that would attract more viewership and ultimately be good for the sport. We've got interviews with every fighter after their victory and some clips you just can't see anywhere else at Dojoe.