Sunday, May 25, 2008

Tito Ortiz Interview After UFC 84 Press Conference Fiasco(Video)

Tito and Jenna give their side of the story of what happened at the post UFC 84 press conference.

For those who havent heard the story read all about HERE. Courtesy of Yahoo Sports.


Anonymous said...

Kimbo Vs. Tito!!!!!!!!!

If Kimbo wins he finally get his due credit, and Tito gets the final nail in his coffin. If Tito wins then Elite XC has another super star to add to the roster. It's win win!!

mmafight said...
i can see dana's point...but then why bother let him have any mic time with joe rogan? why half-ban him?

Anonymous said...

Did anyone else notice the interviewer kept looking at Jenna's chest?

alley al said...

the truth is..
it's a job- you're a worker and you have a boss..
if you're not happy, quit. get another job.
but some people stay and bitch and moan.
of course the other fighters are gonna stay inside the box-
they wanna keep their jobs!!

think of almost any job- if you call the boss a slavemaster or whatever deragotory term, you think they'd still think highly of you?

stop it, tito. you're washed up already anyway.

but i do agree that dana white is the devil.

lonelydead said...

I'm glad Tito's gone he's an ass. He does nothing but complain about how he's treated. He scraped by Griffin and then got KO'd by Liddell, no wonder he gets the fights he gets. He wasn't complaining when he fought Shamrock 3 times, is that cuz he knew he could beat him? And really if everything in UFC is so bad then why hasn't Randy Couture said half of the crap that Tito's spit out? He has just as much a reason to.

Zen Twist said...

Jenna comparing Dana White's position as president of UFC vs. her "position" running a porn label... wow. Just... wow. World of difference between herpes and a severe concussion! I wonder if there's any connection between Tito's conversion from fighter to "savvy businessman" has anything to do with her? But honestly, who gives a shit? Good riddance to Tito, he's a piece of self-absorbed crap, and he stopped being a fighter a long time ago when he decided it was more important to be a "brand name"

Zen Twist said...

alley al: Dana White may be "the devil", but he's also one of the reasons why MMA has gained more legitimacy than ever in the public eye.

Anonymous said...

Is it just me, or is Jenna kind of annoying??? Stick to the T&A, woman!!!