Friday, December 26, 2008

UFC 92 Predictions: The Big Three

UFC 92 kicks off this Saturday and on paper is the most stacked card of the year, although it will be hard to top the amazing UFC 84. Here are my predictions for the 3 main fights.

Forrest Griffin vs Rashad Evans for the Light Heavyweight Title
People who have followed my sites for awhile, surely know that I have never been a Forrest Griffin believer, but its getting hard not to trust this guy in a fight. He has a huge heart, he's tough as nails and is really big for his weight class, that being said I have to pick against him again. Maybe I'll keep being wrong when it comes to Forrest and maybe one day I'll get over the horrible judge's decision at the TUF 1 finale against Bonnar. Rashad is a hungry fighter, with the skill set to match. He has incredible hand speed and excellent wrestling, he will be quicker to the punch and can certainly take Forrest down. Forrest is hard to finish, but I think Evans can pull it off. Rashad Evans is crowned the new 205 pound champ by third round TKO.

Frank Mir vs Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira

If this fight ends in any way other than a decision, I will be shocked. I think the big question, when it comes to Nog is how long can he keep fighting like he always does. By that, I mean taking tremendous punishment, at some point fighting like that will take its toll. That being said, its a good thing Nog isn't human. I think Nog will grind out a very nice decision win in an entertaining fight, in which he controls the stand-up.
Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira by Unanimous Decision.

Wanderlei Silva vs Quinton Jackson 3
The REAL main event in my opinion. If you're Quinton Jackson you have the wrestling, the punching power and brute strength to win this fight, but do you have the mental toughness? Do you have the ability to block out the only 2 times you've been knocked out in your career? Have you mentally recovered from all the stuff that's happen to you lately? All questions that will be answered in this fight. Wanderlei has the upper hand in my opinion and he will use Jackson's tentativeness against him. For Wanderlei its about constantly keeping up the pressure on Rampage, which he certainly has the aggression and cardio to do.
Wanderlei Silva by another brutal KO

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