Monday, July 6, 2009

Faber's Contract Issues - The WEC Better Step Up

WEC is picking up steam and popularity - or maybe just the latter - in more than just hardcore MMA betting circles but as we all know, more money equals more problems.

WEC pulled in a whopping 13,000+ fans at the recent event in Sacramento, which is nothing to sneeze at. Gate revenues reeled in nearly a million dollars.

But an issue that is rearing its head is the battle that a lot of MMA fighters seem to be complaining about: money.

WEC superstar Urijah Faber has only one fight left on his contract and he's been grumbling about the dollars and sense. On one hand, he has lost two of his last three fights so it may not be the best time to renegotiate but at the same time, Faber is truly one of the faces of WEC and without him, the league would take a big blow.

Let's face it: the WEC is not what the UFC is, although they are supposedly the same company. WEC is lighter weight classes and not nearly as popular as its big brother right now. But for the WEC to continue to grow and eventually earn a bigger share of the spotlight, it will have to hop on the back of guys like Faber.

Faber isn't the only star complaining about the dollars and cents in the WEC. Bantamweight Miguel Torres has also made a point of it to dig into the feeble paydays he's been receiving from the WEC. Torres (-300) is the favorite in the MMA betting lines against Brian Bowles (+220) in the WEC 42 event Aug, 9th.

Pride and Elite XC may not be around, but there are still lots of options for a guy like Faber. He's still a top 15 pound-for-pound MMA fighter in the world, even if it is a lighter weight class that less people pay attention to, but he still has options in Japan, with Strikeforce or potentially Affliction.

Obviously, those would be the Plan B's in his books as a feasible superstar payday form the WEC would be Plan A.

With one fight left on his contract, let's hope that Faber can first and foremost get back on track with a win and then hopefully the two sides can settle their salary issues.

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