Friday, September 25, 2009

Jason "Mayhem" Miller Freaks out on EA Game Developers

So, it's Friday and we're all ready to get home or have just gotten home- either way, you need a laugh.

Jason "Mayhem" Miller (yes, the same guy who soccer-kick Jacare in their last fight) is one of the growing list of fighters that will be portrayed on EA Sports' EA-MMA game; release date TBD. As part of the process Miller was brought in to get a preview of the game and his character.
When scrolling through the fighter skill screens Mayhem notices that his skills are... well, less than magnificent shall we say. He then continues to question the makers and act similar to a small child being told he can no longer have a bottle.

Watch, laugh, get scared, laugh some more, thank me.

Happy Friday!


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