Friday, June 20, 2008

Dana White on the Opie and Anthony Show(Full Audio)

Dana talks about wanting Randy Couture back in the UFC and many other things in this long audio interview.


Robbie said...

Am I the only one who likes Dana White, i agree with almost 99% of his decision. Like the decision not to get kimbo in the UFC until he beats someone credible.

Cornu said...

no you are not the only one robbie :)

I like Dana white a lot too, it's just that many many people are jealous about his success, that's all :)

dj said...

No robbie, that makes two of us. I'm relatively new to MMA so it kinda puzzles me as to why people hate Dana so much. When it comes down to it, you can't deny he pours his heart and soul into MMA. He also seems like a cool, say-it-as-it-is dude, so why is he so hated?

Anonymous said...

Great interview, I'm surprised. More people need to listen to interviews like this before they pass judgement.

Anonymous said...

I will tell you why people hate Dana White: because he is full of shit.
Dana does not like the fact(the truth)that Pride fighters are cleaning out the UFC divisions. With Rampage(lightweight champion) knocking out (ufc icon)Chuck Liddell twice. Next, he will murder (over rated)ufc star Forrest Griffin.
Randy Couture is afraid to face the current UFC heavyweight champion Rodrigo Nogueria(from Pride), so blabers "the only fight that makes sence for me is Fedor..." Randy Couture lost 1/3 of his fights while Rodrigo Nogueria only has one unadvanged loss, to Fedor. Randy Couture is no match for Nogueria and is only running from him. Two main UFC heavyweights Dana COULD NOT SHUT UP ABOUT HOW GREAT THEY WERE, Gabrielle Gonzaga and Brandon Vera, both lost to (pride) Fabricio Werdum, now he pretends they d'ont exist. Dana does not like talking about those things, makes him sound like the idiot he is. "Tito Ortiz this and that, would not fight Liddell, what a disgrace..", well what about Couture? Why not mention him? Because it does not glorify a ufc fighter, but Nogueria a Pride fighter.. Why does Dana talks so little about Rampage? because he's from pride. Wanderlei Silva got Liddell, when still unfamiliar with fighting in a cage, or would have won. He then knocked out Keith Jardine(who Dana was hiping up, how he was the man/deserved a title shot... until (pride)Wanderlei Silva knocked him out, then Dana shut up.
All the Pride lightweights are now fighting in DREAM, otherwize they would clean out that ufc division as well.

Fedor a fluke. And you agree with 99 percent of what he says...
Only people clueless about mma "like" Dana White.
Fedor beats who ever is on front of him, always has, and always will, with Tim Sylvia in July, you watch.

tylr said...

Dana is very charismatic, and talks the truth about MMA.

No doubt he knows his shit about the sport.

But he also makes some really shitty decisions.

dj said...

Once again it's all about Pride fighters... well I tell you what anonymous, Pride no longer exists so these guys are now UFC fighters. But why the hell does it matter where these fighters are from? Pride didn't make them good fighters. I hope for the sake of idiots like you that Forrest beats Rampage (a week ago I wouldn't have said this), maybe that will put the silly "all the good fighters are Pride" argument to rest.

And are we forgetting about Cro Cop, who has undeniably defeated some of the best fighters in the world throughout his career? His UFC record aint too good... I guess he just wasn't used to the cage though, right?

As for everything else you said, you're just a player hater and a shit stirrer. Why would Couture run from Nogueira, but want to fight the dude who's beaten Nogueira twice? He is considered by many an MMA legend, and Fedor is considered by many as the current top heavyweight. With very little time left to fight, Couture wants to fight the best dude in the world and affirm his status. The UFC belt is not what matters to him anymore.

DeeMun-E said...

in his business u kinda have to have no soul to be successful its cut throat.

i lost a lot of respect for dana white when ufc 7 he said the fighters had to fight their way into the show and surprised all of them.

these guys gave up their jobs, their stability, compromised the well being of their family for their dream. and they thought they were on the show so it would be worth it.

dana could have said u won the right to fight ur way on and they could have told work im going on vacation or some bs, lose and come back to their job.

dana white didnt tell them, for the surprise factor, for the viewers to see these fighters shocked and that was worth it for him. to get higher ratings he fuked a bunch of real guys who thought they were living the dream over.

fuk dana white for that...