Saturday, June 13, 2009

Mirko Crocop Signs Three Fight Deal with DREAM, Dana White is Pissed

Yahoo Sports Breaks the News

Not long after stopping Mostapha Al-Turk in the first round of UFC 99 on Saturday at Lanxess Arena in his first fight in the UFC since back-to-back losses in 2007, Filipovic informed UFC president Dana White that he had signed a three-fight contract with the Japan-based DREAM.

Isn’t that a dirty [expletive] thing to do?” White asked rhetorically after being queried about Filipovic’s deal with DREAM. “He [expletived] me. The first time in the history of the company I do one over the phone. He promised me a three-fight deal and he [expletived] me.”

“He didn’t keep his word,” White said, who said he’d had a two-hour talk with Filipovic on the day Filipovic texted and asked to be able to return. “He talked about honor and all this other [expletive] and he [expletived] me.

He didn't just screw Dana White, he screwed his fans(me) who wanted to see him go after the UFC title one more time. This just sucks!

I'm sure that lots of wagers will get made at the leading online betting sites, but until he returns to form, I don't see lots of wagers going Crocop's way.

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