Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Mirko Crocop to Fight Sergei Kharitonov at DREAM 4

This news comes from redsweat.com

The official announcement of the bout will apparently be made at DREAM.2 which is set to take place on April 29. Olympia DREAM.2 will be the first round of the Middleweight GP.

Mirko recently left the UFC after losing two fights in a row. He was considered the heavy favorite in both of those matches and was devastated to say the least. He cited a "lack of motivation" as the reason for losing the bouts and and faced a pivotal moment in his career. He decided he would leave the UFC temporarily and was quickly picked up by the upstart organization DREAM. He made his DREAM debut this past Saturday, easily defeating Tatsuya Mizuno via TKO in under a minute flat.

Sergei Kharitonov hasn’t fought since September of 2007 when he took on Alistair Overeem at K-1 Hero’s "Tournament Final". It was business as usual for the 6′4 Russian as he defeated Overeem via TKO at 4:21 in the first round. The victory tasted extra sweet for Sergei who had lost to Alistair at Pride 31 in the same fashion. Kharitonov is remembered mainly for his fights in the former Pride FC organization from 2003 to 2007. He holds a record of fifteen wins with only three losses.

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This would be an amazing fight and a fight I've wanted to see for a long time.


Anonymous said...

hmm, wow, this might not be an easy fight for cro-cop.

Anonymous said...

this actually will be an easy fight for crocop, look at how he handled heath herring..
1 round tko/ko

Anonymous said...

It's a few steps up from Mizuno thats for sure but it's still a shame to see what happened to him in the UFC.

Brock said...

easy fight for cro-cop? no way! khartinov is no joke! this will be a goood fight

Anonymous said...

this WILL NOT be an easy fight for CroCop.

Anonymous said...

This fight will most certainly not be an easy one for CroCop. Kharitonov Is a big, strong, game fighter that has proven in the past that he deserves to be in the ring with any of the top heavyweights. And if you consider Mirko's previous fights before his most recent win in DREAM, he was expected to win, and in quick order to boot, and of course that didn't happen. Mirko isn't the same fighter he was before Napao turned his lights out. Look for Kharitonov to surprise alot of people in this fight.