Sunday, September 28, 2008

Fedor Talks About His New Book(Video)


Anonymous said...

ahh,it seems that even great fighters fall in the habit of being poor instructors;randy couturebj pen and now fedor are demonstrating few techniques with some zeal and as much details that they can crame in a book.whovere i think their advantage or as you may say champian factors are how they were taught progressivelly the basics and the drills that they use.
i mean for example jack dempsy's boxing book remains "The book" cause he progressively drills you into the basic 4 punch of boxing .the books area of focus is untouched by seldom other online instructors. I wished fedor dissected his punches combos footwork waist movements into a progressive regiment full with running drills ,specific shadow boxing style, partner drilss ,how he works the bag,the pad and who he puts power in his punches.i bet he wasn't born that strong or that explosive and emphasis on the mistakes that he thinks seperate him from other mma puncher .same goes for his outstanding conditioning .

in the end it seems that the books is just another show off technique book not a real coaching book which i think is the missing formula and is really en demand by mma Enthousthiates,especially after we have don familton tapes so duke roufuskicking and kneeing,sperry's outstanding jiu jitsu for mma series.there is no shortage in the "4 steps if he did this i'll do that" area.anyho this books leave me as usual wanting more especialy from the like of randy couture and fedor. i really hoped that hje wrote a book like jack dempsey ,he's not a lesser fighter or even in the evolution of fighting a less signifigant one .


Anonymous said...

Actually, contrary to what you say-I pre-ordered Fedors book and it's actually one of the best fighting books i've read. It has detailed explanations and really good tips. I've applied Fedors punching technique and improved my power with his whiplash technique. I punched and knocked down my older bro when I got the book.

Good book. If youu're a Fedor fan, i'd recommend it. Worth the 20 something bucks.. i spend more on chronic. =-)

Anonymous said...

This is one of the best fighting style books that i have evr read, it braks down a common jab to take downs and being in the clinch. i recommend this book to anyone who wants to learn how to incorperate speed, power, and evasive techniques.