Friday, October 10, 2008

Bas Rutten Says Kimbo KO Was Not a Lucky Punch(Video)


r,keegan TEAM QUEST said...

Bas is right,there is NO SUCH THING AS A LUCKY PUNCH!!!
When you try to punch some one in the face and you do its called a punch to the face,thats it.
Maybe guy's that dont fight think its a lucky punch but its not!

I train and fight out of Team Quest Fight Club,but Bas Rutten was the man that first started training me in mma,i train with bas at ELITE MMA the two days out of the week that im not training with Team Quest and Bas knows more about mma then just about anyone on earth.So all you guys trying to talk down on Seth saying its all luck your wrong.

Anonymous said...

"i train out of yada yada yada..."

stfu already!

rutten's experiment failed. kimbo still sucks big time. and r.keegan was and ever will be a mma-wannabe fucktard, who comments like an idiot child.

Anonymous said...

Regardless of whether or not it was a lucky punch i found it very satisfying to see Fergie tko'd, It was also satisfying to see him fight with out all his cronies within 5' of the action and changing the rules of the fight as it was happening. also enjoyed seeing J-rod losing his mind as it was happening... what a jackazz this guy is, how could the promoter dare act and speak this way and expect nobody to notice... as Rick James once said, "Cocaine is one hell of a drug." I think Bas is a great guy and was an excellent fighter. wish him the all the best and I always enjoy his commentary, really miss PRIDE but I really enjoy seeing Kevin lose and hope if he continues to fight that the hype gets bombed and bombed and bombed some more.. Alice

Anonymous said...

Your a wanker!

mom said...

So stop talking (/advertizing) about kimbo allready.
Bas/elite xc used Kimbo as a marketing tool, hiped him up.. now that he lost.. They w'ont shut up about how he's so "humble", he's just trying to feed his family (Oh that's what he's trying to do with 500 thousand dollars a fight?) never claimed to be the best, still growing in mma bla bla bla - Otherly put - they are still using him as a promoting tool.
"Kimbo the humble", deserves better than the uncalled for mma fan hate.
Basickly they are cleansing/switching the whole image that they made of him for another that considering current situations, would more apropriatly help to sell him.

So Bas Rutten, please - you may have been a good fighter (and a good comentator before you became an alcoholic), but if you are going to make fighters like Kimbo Slice and.. R. Keegan, please reconsider being a trainer.