Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Anderson Silva to Possibly Fight on November 15th at UFC 91

After the debacle that was Anderson Silva vs. Patrick Cote at UFC 90, it seems that "The Spider" is willing to redeem himself quickly. UFC President Dana White told the Las Vegas Review-Journal that Anderson is ready to go as soon as possible.

"He's flipping out. He wants to fight again, like, on Nov. 15. He's (upset) about his performance and he wants to fight again immediately."

Silva had this to say about his performance.
"I didn't come here to play. I didn't come here to put on a show," Silva said through a translator afterward. "I came here to do my job and I didn't become a champion and defend the title as many times as I have by not doing my job."

I can definitely see Dana White and the UFC brass making this happen. Probably a long shot, but there are some fighters out there that would take this fight on 3 weeks notice. I mean its a win-win for Silva's opponent win or lose.

The best case scenario is if Silva were willing to fight at 205 again. That would open up alot more options, including a super fight with Chuck Liddell.

At middleweight, I think the best possible scenario would be a rematch with Nate Marquardt. In any case, if Dana were to pull this off, UFC 91: Lesnar vs. Couture would probably shatter UFC Pay-Per-View records.


G-Off said...

I think 3 weeks is way too soon for a fight at 205, but I could see a 185 fight. He'll have to cancel that visit to Tibet and Thailand though.

csreeves said...

"...redeem himself..."???

From what?!?
Cote not being able to stand?

What a rediculous statement.

If anyone needs redemption it's the guy who fell under his own weight because of a previous knee injury...in a title fight.

Anonymous said...

Anderson = God

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry but fuck anyone who criticizes Silva for his recent fight. It's an honor to watch the guy fight and see how graceful he is. I actually enjoyed round 1 & 2 of the fight and silva did land some vicious blows. the fact that it didn't end in rounds 1 or 2 shows that cote has a great chin; it doesn't show that silva is a joker.

e6c said...

This is not about redemption, this is about money.

A) Anderson Silva was offered million to box, but UFC said no.

B) Anderson Silva had a 6 fight contract

C) To save face Silva is going through his fights as fast as possible instead of arguing with the UFC (Irving? Cote?? come on)

D) Expect to see Silva fight at every available opportunity.

E) Silva will be a boxer by the end of 09

Anonymous said...

his last fight sucked???

hell his last two fights sucked!!!

love to see him fight a decent opponent for a change. Id like to see him and Liddel.

Anonymous said...

i think gsp should man up and stop playing with the little people.. a catch up fight of gsp vs silva is what everyone wants really! come on gsp, you remind me of trinny loving oscar, fighting little paquiao.. bj is awesome but gsp is way too strong for him. make gsp fight silva!!!

Anonymous said...

guys how about gsp vs silva? why not that fight? why make silva go up to 205? 205 guys are wayy to big for him! i wanna see silva vs gsp sooo bad, i love those 2 fighters!!!!!

Anonymous said...

"205 guys are wayy to big for him"? Did you see the Irving fight? Anderson looked BIG. Actually healthy and filled out instead of sinew and bone. He holds his weight well at 185 or 205

Anonymous said...

<<"...redeem himself..."???

From what?!? >>

Some of the press was saying Silva did more dancing than fighting. He was possibly responding to that.

In my opinion, his performance was less than exciting and definitly not the Silva we expected, but I know that if Cote didn't get injured, Silva would have crushed his skull before round 5 was over.

Anonymous said...

SIlva is the man but he plays around to much. I think if Cote didn't get injured he would have lasted to the end not saying if he would have won or lost. Cote is a tuff dude. I think Silva wants to redeem himself, he figures he should have finished the fight early with those devestating hits but. I want to see Part II of that..

tylr said...

There is no way that the UFC will do this. If they do, it is wasting one of their Silva fights.

Like someone else said, Silva is just trying to run through his contract as fast as he can.