Monday, November 3, 2008

Denis Kang Signs Four Fight Deal with the UFC

One of my favorite fighters has finally made the jump to the UFC.

From American Top Team's website.

American Top Team fighter Denis Kang just signed a 4 fight deal with the UFC!

Denis made a big name for himself in Japan and Korea fighting in the PRIDE and SpiritMC organizations, where he developed a huge following.

Denis will now be able to showcase his skills to a whole new audience who hasn;t had the chance to see this exciting fighter in action. Denis has always expressed a desire to fight in the UFC and we are pleased we were able to help him get this deal done. Denis will bring a lot of excitement to the 185# division! Congrats Denis!

Some fantstic news, good for Denis and the UFC!


Anonymous said...

vancouver stand up!!!

AlbuquerqueNM505 said...

I've been wanting to hear this news for 3 yrs now, seriously. I don't know how many comments I left on youtube saying "why doesnt Kang join the ufc?".

Anonymous said...

fuck yeah denis gonna show em

Anonymous said...

i just ewxploded in my pants

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MMA Gloves said...

I really thought that Kang would pull off the fight against Bisping. I gues that shows how much I know. Kang will have to prove that he is still the quality fighter that he was back in his Pride days.