Monday, November 10, 2008

10 Shooto Fights You Need to Watch, with Videos

Shooto is considered to be the oldest MMA organization on the planet. Started in 1985, there are so many great fights, that its impossible to boil it down to 10, but these are some of the best I've ever seen.

Takanori Gomi vs Joachim Hansen- Shooto- 8/10/03 in Yokohama Cultural Gymnasium

Caol Uno vs Tatsuya Kawajiri- Shooto- 3/22/04 in Korakuen Hall

Kenji Osawa vs Takeya Mizugaki- Shooto 2006- 11/10 in Korakuen Hall

Lion Takeshi vs Hiroyuki Abe- Shooto Back to Our Roots 1

Norifumi 'Kid' Yamamoto vs Tetsuo Katsuta- Shooto- Treasure Hunt 10- 2002

Antonio Carvalho vs Rumina Sato- Shooto: The Victory of the Truth 2006

Tatsuya Kawajiri vs Takumi Nakayama- Shooto- Shooter's Dream 2 2003

Caol Uno vs Rumina Sato 1- Shooto- 10th Anniversary 1999
2 Parts

Jake Shields vs Akira Kikuchi- Shooto- 8/10/03 in Yokohama Cultural Gymnasium

Shinya Aoki vs Akira Kikuchi 2- Shooto: Back to Our Roots 1 2007


LMW87 said...

pretty mediocre list

its nice youre showing interest in shooto but get a bit more knowledge on it before you introduce it to so many noobs, this list makes it look like aoki vs kikuchi is your #1 choice and people will scroll down to it and go "this is boring" -_-

Anonymous said...

imw87 i really hate anybody who uses the word noob(s) i have to wonder if you have even thrown a punch in your life, and no that doesn't include towards the door becuase your mum caught you on porn!!

lmw87 said...

i realized how much of a dickhead i seemed in my last post

this is actually a good list, i must have just been in a bad mood when i posted my last comment.

but you should remove:

-gomi vs hansen (the video file doesnt load on my comp but either way its a good fight but not great)

-uno vs kawajiri (if it wasnt such a bad decision people probably wouldnt talk about it as much)

-kikuchi vs aoki

and add:

sakurai vs trigg - blasphemy that it isnt on there! :P

takaya vs carvalho

and, of course, sato vs taylor - FLYING ARMBAR ! :D

lmw87 said...

oh and last but not least, Kawajiri - Shaolin #2

Anonymous said...


Offer something constructive, don't just criticize, because; a) it's pointless and b) you are intimating that you have superior knowledge without backing it up.

I enjoyed watching a lot of those fights.

Thanks for posting them.

lmw87 said...

yeah sorry, i tried to make my second comment a bit more constructive with what i think are some better fights.

Moridin said...

I haven't had a chance to watch the fights right now, as I've been working, but I can agree with lmw87 in the fact that Gomi/Hansen does not load on my PC either.

It appears that it's not a cache issue, as I've cleared that to no avail. Perhaps it's a broken video-imbedding codeline or the feed is down.