Monday, November 10, 2008

Deadspin Shows Even More Stupidity About Lloyd Irvin

I recently wrote a fanpost on Bloody Elbow about this whole vs. Lloyd Irvin situation. For those who don't know the whole situation, click here for the entire story from Bloody Elbow. Lloyd Irvin released a chilling 911 call made by his wife and asked the editors of to delete the blog post in which they basically accuse him of making up the whole home invasion story to get more business for his academy. Here's the post I made over at Bloody Elbow.

On the front page of Deadspin is a new response to the ongoing Lloyd Irvin and Bloody Elbow vs. Rick Chandler saga. This time from DAULERIO. In typical Deadspin fashion, he decides to pick out some of the worst emails they received from Bloody Elbow readers and then he had this to say.

For the record, Rick will not be fired, he's not guilty of libel, and he will not be hung or shot or killed (by me, at least). But it should be noted (again) that our initial report on this was skeptical based on the facts that were available and then was quickly rectified. Also, in case there is still any skepticism about what Lloyd Irvin and his family went through last night, you can listen to the horrifying 911 call right here.

We wish Mr. Irvin and his family the best in getting through this traumatic time and also in his future business endeavors. The post has not been removed, but has been updated with these links. Hopefully, that makes Mr. Irvin happy and prevents Rick from being pummeled to death by angry Bloody Elbow readers on his way to the grocery store. As you were.

Is it really that hard to delete a blog post? The answer is of course no, I'm a blogger and I do it all the time. These Deadspin writers are just too arrogant and they think everything they say is golden. Get real. Lloyd Irvin probably saved his family's life and he has every right in the world to ask for a stupid blog post to be deleted. Rick Chandler and all the writers at Deadspin are inconsiderate pricks and they know it. So just stay out of our wonderful MMA community and stick to making fun of Terrell Owens!

I say again, what the hell is the big deal about deleting a blog post?


Anonymous said...

I haven't seen anything about this dispute before this post today. So I may be way off base here...

I don't think this blog post should be deleted at all. Whatever stupid crap was said should remain on record forever and ever. To go back and change or delete what was said is, in effect, attempting to rewrite history. That's not cool or appropriate. When you make a mistake you correct it. You don't erase it.

The right response, in my opinion, is to post an update and/or apology as well as to go back to the original post and append the correct information and supporting links. That way any time a reader finds the old post through archives or Google or whatever, they will see exactly what happened, who made asses of themselves, AND walk away with the the truth in the end.

From what you've said here it sounds like that's what they did.

Anonymous said...

The contention is not whether it is appropriate to change written records it is that these unfounded character slurs are quite possibly losing the person mentioned credibility and business due to their top ten status on google searches for his name not any apology. Its total crap of course but spreading lies about someone and causing them damage as a result is called libel and is illegal. It remains to be seen whether the local authorities see this case as such.