Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Jorge Gurgel Released from UFC, Signs Immediately with Strikeforce

This breaking news is being reported by PlopCulture.

Being Jorge's manager we are privy to this info before anyone else and wanted to break it on the Plop for you fight fans...Within minutes of getting released from the UFC today, Jorge signed on with Strikeforce and will be coming to CALI to fight for the next stage in his career. Today he had a very successful surgery on a recurring bone spur issue with his elbow and should be ready to begin training in a few weeks.

Good for Jorge, I hope he gets a fresh start in Strikeforce and performs at a high level. Say what you will about his game planning, but he always comes to fight and is usually in a war because he is damn near impossible to finish.

(Thanks to PlopCulture for the Tip!)

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