Tuesday, October 21, 2008

EliteXC and Pro Elite Close Down Shop

SI.com and Sherdog's Josh Gross Gets the Scoop

Less than two years following the formation of ProElite, Inc., the group notified employees and fighters Monday it was shutting its doors effective immediately, multiple sources confirmed to SI.com.
ProElite was an entertainment and media company founded in partnership with Showtime Networks and spearheaded by the mixed martial arts promotional brand EliteXC.
Representatives for ProElite, EliteXC and Showtime did not return calls for comment.
Through its partnership with Showtime and later CBS, which in 2008 agreed to broadcast four live EliteXC events in primetime, EliteXC gained a tremendous amount of visibility. The company, however, hemorrhaged tens of millions of dollars during its 22 months in operation.
In September, Showtime, which owned a 20 percent stake in ProElite, entered into preliminary negotiations to purchase a controlling interest in the company. When those negotiations failed, said a source inside ProElite who asked not to be identified, funding dried up and the company was forced out of business.

What becomes of Kimbo Slice, Jake Shields and Gina Carano?


Anonymous said...

Dana White is Nostradamus.

Anonymous said...

Kimbo can go back to being called Kevin, and then he can get a job at the local grocery store stocking shelves.

Anonymous said...

Kimbo's next fight will be free on You Tube.

ian said...

Yeah, screw Kimbo. I want to know whats going to happen with Eddie Alvarez, Jake Shields, and Robbie Lawler. Hopefully the UFC.

Anonymous said...

Kimbo loses and they fold up.. hillarious!!

essential said...

Kimbo's last fight surmised and exposed the identity of Elite XC. I am sure good people tried to make things work, but some greedy assholes (see greed) end up fucking it up for everybody. Amazing how some things don't change from elementary school.

Thank God it did happen before they fucked MMA up for good, that's for damn sure.

This is a prime opportunity for Affliction to step-up and offer some nice contracts for Shields, Alverez, and Lawler. Maybe even Diaz.

Anonymous said...

hopefully some of them will join affliction

Anonymous said...

that's what you get for spelling extreme with "x" ...XFL anyone?

Anonymous said...

maybe "Bimbo" will finally shave that ugly ass Santa-wanna-B beard
of his-
so far as what will become of Gina Carano, she can be my whore from now on!!!

Anonymous said...

Kimbo does not care, he made over $750,000..good for him..i don't think you will see him having free fight on youtube soon..