Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Lyoto Machida vs Thiago Silva Set for UFC 89 has the scoop.

Unbeaten light heavyweight sensation Lyoto ‘The Dragon’ Machida (13-0) will look to keep the momentum going from his May victory over Tito Ortiz when he returns to the Octagon to face fellow unbeaten (and fellow Brazilian) Thiago Silva (13-0) in what should be an explosive clash on October 18th’s UFC 89 card at The National Indoor Arena in Birmingham, England.

I'm really looking forward to this fight, although I don't see Machida losing to anyone anytime soon, Thiago is a beast and could give him some trouble.


Anonymous said...

I like Lyoto, but of course wouldn't be terribly surprised either way. I'm more excited about this fight than any other I can think of. Save maybe Fedor, or GSP vs Penn.

Lyoto seems more impenetrable than Thiago. His gameplan seems to get executed to a T and he's so freak'in strong for his size and speed. Thiago though, of course, is an insane fighter. Both of these guys should get title shots and both of them would have great chances at taking the title. If Thiago loses he should fight Soku maybe or Rashad. If Lyoto loses he should fight Rashad or Liddel.

Anonymous said...

I think Thiago has this one won... Lyoto just seems to be fighting not to lose instead of to win, which makes me think Thiago has the upper hand. All his fights have been impressive and exciting either winning by TKO, KO, or submission in all 13 of his fights, I believe it will be no different with this fight. TKO before the 3rd is over

Raul said...

Oh man I fucking called this fight right after watching the Machida vs Ortiz bout!!! The wait is too long!!!!

Thanks for the update!

Anonymous said...

i dont see thiago taking it either. but it should be entertaining to watch!
oh and nice ear by machida ;)