Thursday, July 3, 2008

Video: BJ Penn Says He'll Face Georges St. Pierre/Jon Fitch Winner

The Prodigy speaks about his possible next fight, nutrition, training and more.

(Props Cage Potato)


Anonymous said...

i think bj is an awesome fighter but why does he deserve a title shot just because he switch weight classes, didnt he lose his last two fights in welter? you dont see anderson silva fighting rampage.

i think thiago is more deserving but they will probably make him fight one more fight..

well this is imo. awesome site!

Anonymous said...

he deserves a title shot, because he's a champion...I'm sure anderson silva could have had a title shot too if he would have asked for one

Anonymous said...

BJ has fought at 170 before and is well established. Based on his domination of 155 he deserves a hard fight. He at least should be fighting for the #1 contender slot. I think though that this would be ok to give him a title shot right away.

Anonymous said...

thiago alves cant even make weight. he doesn't deserve a title shot.

Anonymous said...

There is no way BJ deserves a title shot at 170. He hasn't even defended his 155 title yet.

Let him rack up some wins at 155 first, and then maybe he can step up. But even then, he should have to fight someone else first before he gets a shot. After all, he has lost his last 2 WW fights.

BJ Penn - million dollar talent, 10 cent brain.

Anonymous said...

Bj did loose his last 2 welter weight fights and does not deserve another title shot right away. D'ont get me wrong, i think he could win the belt, but out of respect for gsp who beated him, d'ont give another title shot to bj right awy. Have him earn it.

Anonymous said...

go back and watch bj/ gsp again. the decision was bogus. bj's shorts are covered w/gsp's blood. gsp was super banged up and bj didnt even look like he was in a fight.he did way more damage. judges give too many points for takedowns for some reason.

i think bj deserves a rematch

Anonymous said...

Hey Anonymous, You should go back and watch the B.J. Georges fight again and watch the part where he thumbs St. Pierre in the eye. I bet he would have beat BJ in the second round if that did not happen. Georges still won the fight even after that dirty move from Penn. I don't know why you would say someone lost a fight just because he was banged up more. That is pretty intelligent to say that.

tko said...

Boy, the Fitch/GSP fight is going to be insane. Fitch is just such a force and GSP is pure talent.

As for Penn, i have to agree that GSP deserved that win with all the take downs with such a squirmer such as Penn.

My biggest complaint about BJ Penn is that he vacilates between being annoying and being boring as fuck to watch-- really, has little dimension. The squirmer is also just another racist piece of shit from Hilo where all the locals think they are black- or amazingly, more superior.

Go back to your island and complain about haoles, asshole.