Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Quote of the Day: Jesse Ventura Says "MMA is Fake" on the Howard Stern Show

Taken from write-up of Tuesday's Howard Stern show.

Howard talked to Jesse about fights that he's had before and if he's punched a guy out before. Jesse said that he doesn't believe the fights that are on TV. He said that fights on the street are over in 30 seconds and those TV fights last for 25 minutes. He said that they're working stiff as far as he's concerned.

This is just the absolute dumbest thing I've heard anywhere in a long time about our beloved sport.

The direct quote of "MMA is Fake" was dug up by


KJ said...

Coming from a wrestler, I don't know whether to laugh or take him seriously.

He must be kidding.

Anonymous said...

I guess on the street you get to do lots of stuff you can't do in the cage. I'd say that things like kicking in the nuts, biting, and using weapons will help bring the length of the fight down. Also, a street fight is seldom fair or balanced. Usually a MMA bout is set up to make as equal a match as possible, leaving it up to wit and technique to win the fight.

But "fake"?!! kj's right... it's hard to know how to take that comment from someone who went from pro wrestling, to acting, to politics.

csreeves said...

Well, he should know...his entire adult life has been all about "faking it"..f'ing retard

Anonymous said...

Wow. REDICULOUS. Why does he get any attention? The earlier blogger was right in that "dirty" streetfight tactics end street fights quickly, but more importantly, Pro MMA involves two highly trained athletes in fantastic shape, used to fighting, unlike most people who don't fight at all and are shocked to be in one. Given all of that, there are PLENTY of quick fights. I hope Ventura's faking his political aspirations. The thought that someone might vote for him scares me.

rich said...

forget being a wrestler, this guy was trained during the Vietnam era to be a Navy SEAL. Sure, he was never in Nam, but I'm pretty sure his idea of a real fight is killing your enemy as quickly as you can by any means possible. unfortunately, that's not what mma is or any other professional form of fighting. i say give him the benefit of the doubt, even though he is wrong