Tuesday, July 1, 2008

MMA Quote of the Day- Quinton Jackson Comments on Forrest Griffin's Punching Power

In a new interview at UFC.com Rampage gives his thoughts on Forrest Griffin's punching power(or lack there of).

“I think the time off was well-needed,” he said. “I tore some ligaments in my hand (in the Henderson fight), I had three hard training camps in a row, plus the fight with Dan Henderson was really tough. I think my body needed that break and it showed in my training camp now. I came in feeling really good, and my body was well-rested – I just wish I hadn’t got so heavy. I don’t think about ring-rust, but if there is such a thing, Forrest will be the best guy to come back against because he’s got good skills, but he’s not a guy that’s gonna knock you out when you lag. I don’t think Forrest could knock out anybody. The last time I had a long layoff, I came back against Matt Lindland and he’s the worst guy to come back against after a nine month layoff and I did pretty well against him.”

I think Quinton knows that Forrest knocking him out is the most highly unlikely outcome of this fight and I would have to agree.


Anonymous said...

haha quinton is the most cockiest fighter i have ever seen, however, forrest is still going to get his ass kicked 9 times out of 10 against rampage.

Anonymous said...

I abosolutely love forrest griffin, but I have to agree quinton seems to have all the skills to beat him. Let's hope for a repeat of the underdog winning ala amir in TUF 7.