Sunday, August 10, 2008

10 Things Learned From UFC 87

(Photo Courtesy MMA Weekly)

10. Demian Maia's BJJ transitions are as good and smooth as any I've ever seen in the sport, but his stand-up needs alot of work. Training with Wanderlei Silva will certainly help.

9. Manny Gamburyan= Over hyped, Over promoted and Overrated because of TUF.

8. Cheick Kongo will never threaten for a title. He can be as arrogant as he wants, I just don't think he has the tools to ever wear a championship belt.

7. You can take Brock Lesnar out of the WWE, but you can't take the WWE out of Brock Lesnar. Of course MMA fans are giving him hell for his antics, which I think is partly right. He was excited to get his first win and thats understandable, but he acted like a dick to a well-seasoned and well-respected mixed martial artist. If it was a fighter, like him, that was just starting out then I would see it different. Other Fighters take notice and he could pay for it down the road.

6. As far as fighting goes, Lesnar was pretty impressive, and it will be hard for anyone to stop that takedown.

5. Kenny Florian vs Roger Huerta was a good scrap, albeit pretty damn one-sided. Florian was just too elusive and implemented a well-thought out gameplan.

4. This was the first time I've watched a UFC event in High-Definition, its definitely worth the extra money.

3. Awesome job by the UFC for the improved audio for in-between rounds corner talk. Most of the time you can't even hear it, but this time it was perfect.

2. I think Georges St. Pierre can beat BJ Penn in what will surely be one of the greatest fights ever. Hopefully, it will happen on New Year's this year.

1. Jon Fitch is one tough SOB, most fighters would of been gone in the first round, not to mention numerous other times during the 5 rounds. In my eyes Fitch moves up the welterweight rankings just for hanging in for 5 rounds. Lets face it, GSP is on another level.


trojans16 said...

thats being pretty hard on manny, hes had two solid wins allready in the ufc. he came out to excited and open, he paid for it. but to say hes over hyped and over rated is a bit much. his judo is great and grapping on the ground is above average. he might be better suited to 145 though. anyways just thought you were abit harsh on the manvel. good article

Hans Kwan said...

I learned that Jason MacDonald is tough as nails. It just seemed like he wanted to get into bad positions just to showcase his toughness and willingness to get out of them. I think fight of the night should have gone to MacDonald vs Maia because it was less one sided than Huerta vs Florian and GSP vs Fitch and it was amazing how MacDonald kept escaping the submission attempts by an extremely talented Maia. But then again GSP vs Fitch was the main event so... Also, Kongo vs Lesnar? Clash of the strongest looking dudes in the business. I think this would be a great matchup because both fighters have something to prove, im sure people are still not bought on Lesnar and Kongo seems very limited and needs a quality win under his belt.

Anonymous said...

i disagree.. penn will beat gsp just wait

Anonymous said...

how can fitch move up in the rankings if he's already no. 2?

Anonymous said...

I also hated the way Brock acted at the end of the fight. I really think his shear size plays a massive role
in the octagon. I would rather see fighters a little more evenly matched in size. I mean, what the hell was Heath supposed to do when it's a hippopotamus that has him in side control? He almost needs his own weight class.

Alder said...

"9. Manny Gamburyan= Over hyped, Over promoted and Overrated because of TUF."

I have to disagree with this one. Manny's done very well for himself. On and after the show. He was KO'd rather quickly, it wasn't like he was on the losing end of a one sided war. Those things happen in MMA. He does come out wild, so he's more likely to get caught like that too. Plus Emmerson has been looking better these days too. Let's wait and see how Manny does in his next couple fight before we start Discounting him.

Anonymous said...

dude i love your site, but i have to disagree about Congo. Like wtf, the guy doesnt like speaking english/or has a hard time doing so. How are you going to call him arrogant.

I agree about GSP vs Penn, Penn is better as a lightweight. GSP will rock him.

Lesnar acted very immature and I wonder if they will put him against werdum or ganzaga. That football tackle sprint would have anyone shitting bricks.

Anonymous said...

Someone has to come up with a new MMA term for laying down on someone and doing fuckall for three rounds. I guess lay and pray is pretty good, but that doesn't quite capture how Herring must have felt having a manatee corpse on his back for three rounds. I think Brock was waiting for the ref to come in and give Herring the 3 count. An evening of good yet frustrating fights. Florian back pedaling just a little too much for my liking, Brock acting like a spoiled child after a technique-less performance, and John Fitch having a difficult time staying knocked out.

Anonymous said...

Lesnar's size and strength was impressive. His fighting was mostly nil. He looked confused about what to do since Heath was covering up his face. Scary strong and quick though.

dropbombs said...

It will be interesting to see lesner evolve in the coming years (if he is around for that long). It would seem like he has all the tools to become a great fighter, although none of them have been sharpened quite yet. I get the feeling like congo feels like he is an elite fighter, but I would have to say that is far from the truth. There is no way he is even close to being a well rounded fighter, the kind of fighter that will be a chalenger for the belt. Props to ken-flo for fighting a techincal fight, that he does so well.

monkeyknuckler said...

I don't think that Lesnar should have to appologize for being bigger, stronger, or faster than Herring. He's also got better takedown ability as well as better takedown defence. It doesn't matter if he wins the way you want him to, any way he needs to do it is perfectly fine.

Anonymous said...

I remember when the whole 3 hr event use to get posted like a week after the show that was awsome hope you can still do it once in a while

Anonymous said...

lesnar vs kongo
lesnar would win for sure
i really think lesnar did good against herring
i mean, thats hes 3rd mma fight. herring has how many? about 40?
experience is still a big part
that punch was a nice one too
and yes GSP is on another level

Ed said...

I think Manny needs to head to the WEC where his size would be better suited. His aggressiveness is admirable but stupid at this level of competition. If he continues that line of thought he will end up like all the other talented fighters out there that either get knocked out early or submitted; All aggression, no technique. Not to say he doesnt have technique, he just doesnt show it! Will someone please tell Brock his WWE antics are better left at the WWE? GSP vs. Penn - great fight!

G-Off said...

Glad to see a "10 things learned" article again. Hope to see more after future events again.

Anonymous said...

Totally agree about Manny - i think he sucks! GSP is a great fighter - but i still think Penn will win. For me, Penn is the best fighter period. I think he has been a little lazy in the passed and has paid for it. i think he is hungry again and will knock GSP out. Also agree about Kongo. He is freaking crap! has zero ground game. He only looks okay because the heavyweight division in UFC is pretty weak!