Thursday, August 7, 2008

Quote of the Day: Heath Herring on Lesnar Fight

MMA Weekly caught up with "Texas Crazy Horse" Heath Herring about his upcoming UFC 87 match-up with former WWE wrestler Brock Lesnar. Herring shared some of his thoughts.

“You’ve got to remember this guy has never even been out of the first round,” said Herring. “If the fight does go on and he gets into deep water, who knows how he’s going to react when he gets tired, when his hands start dropping.

“He’s never even really been hit in a fight before. I’ve dropped somebody in every one of my fights, so we’ll see how he reacts when he gets caught with a couple of shots.”

On fighting wrestlers.

“I feel really good about (fighting) wrestlers,” Herring stated. “I’ve fought some of the best on the planet. (Mark) Kerr, Tom Erikson when everybody thought he was unbeatable, so I’m not really looking at anything in Lesnar’s skill set, isn’t really anything I haven’t seen before.”

I guess we'll see on Saturday if Herring can test Brock's chin or if Lesnar can get the takedown and control the big texan from top position.

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