Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Kenny Florian vs Joe Stevenson Likely for UFC 91 on November 15th is reporting that lightweight contenders Joe "Daddy" Stevenson and Kenny "Ken-Flo" Florian will likely face off at UFC 91 on November 15th.

Source’s close to the camp of TUF 2 winner, Joe “Daddy” Stevenson, have confirmed to Mmabay that they have been offered and accepted a fight against Kenny Florian on November 15th, likely to be UFC 91.

Mmabay can also confirm that the fight has been accepted by Florian and is most likely to be held in Boston, giving Florian the home turf advantage as he looks to bridge the gap between his last fight and a possible title shot next summer against B.J. Penn.

Interesting style match-up and should be a good scrap, ultimately I don't think Stevenson's skills are on par with Florian, but "Daddy" has tremendous heart and an upset wouldn't shock me.


Anonymous said...

according to its going to be held in oregon not boston

Anonymous said...

there is absolutely no reason that Joe "Daddy" Stevenson should not have just as much of a chance to win this match as Kenny Florian. True Florian is an outstanding and ever-improving stand-up fighter and his ground game is still at an elite level, but Stevenson has been in his fair share of wars and has around 10 years of MMA experience to back him up. When Stevenson last fought BJ Penn, though he ultimately got ripped open and finished, he showed a tremendous amount heart and grit while going after the undisputed lightweight king of the world. Not once did he back away or seem at all intimidated by Penn, rather he stepped up to the challenge and fought the fight he wanted to as best he could.

If Stevenson's training camp does their homework and properly prepares Stevenson for the match with Florian. I truly believe that not only SHOULD Stevenson win, but also in no way should it be considered an upset by anyone. Joe Stevenson has arrived and I believe that on November 15th he'll show the world that he deserves another shot at BJ (once BJ tears through GSP, that's right I said it).

Anonymous said...

lol "once BJ tears through GSP"

nobody is going to tear through GSP, definitely not a lightweight anyway, sherk tried that and got elbowed in the face and screamed like a little girl

Only way i see BJ winning this is Serra style, early TKO or maybe rear naked choke after a few good punches that daze him, but lets face it, BJ does not have the athleticism or strength to control GSP...just like the last time they fought, he wont have any counter for GSP's takedowns and control

Anonymous said...

GSP vs Penn win percentage, they both have a chance.

GSP by decision 40
Penn by decision 10
Penn by KO/TKO 20
GSP by KO/TKO 15
Penn by submision 15

As for Joe Stevenson he is superior to Kenny Florian on the ground, second to the ufc LW division (Penn on top).So Stevenson should win 60 percent