Friday, August 22, 2008

Beijing Gold Medal Judo Winner Calls Out Fedor Emelianenko

Bloodyelbow reports.

Japan's 21-year old Olympic Gold Medal Judo winner, Satoshi Ishii, wants a fight with Russian Heavyweight king Fedor Emelianenko.

From Dave Meltzer.

In Beijing, China, after winning the gold medal in the superheavyweight division in judo this past week, Japan’s Satoshi Ishii said he wanted to fight "Emelianenko Fedor," as the legendary Russian fighter is known in Japan.

Ishii, 21, has never fought MMA style. The idea of the match may sound laughable to MMA aficionados, but New Year’s Eve in Japan is traditional for gimmick performers, whether they be Japanese entertainment personalities, giants, or athletes who were successful in other sports, doing fights. With Ishii becoming a national hero in Japan and the sport fading in popularity, such a match would draw the kind of interest that Emelianenko against a top fighter could never do.

Click here for the story of Ishii's Olympic run.

This would certainly be the annual New Year's Eve freakshow in Japan if it happens. Prediction, Fedor by anything he wishes in under 30 seconds.


Jewls said...

What a joke! Satoshi will get a ass woopen in japan.His face will look like takayama's after the don frye fight.

zoj said...

with MMA rules, he would get beaten so badly that he'd wish he was out in the streets selling cotton candy rather than fighting. XD said...


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Anonymous said...

Jesus, arrogent idiot. Judo guys c'ant fight shit. Fedor by TKO IN 30 seconds. People underestimate fedor's punching power.

Anonymous said...

i don't think anyone underestimates Fedor's hands, not even Dana (he's an arrogant prick, not an idiot). That kid would get crushed in under 15 seconds.