Monday, August 25, 2008

Kimbo Slice vs Ken Shamrock Set for October 4th on CBS

Sherdog gets the scoop.

Ken Shamrock (Pictures) will be the fourth man to face Kevin "Kimbo Slice" Ferguson (Pictures) when the two icons clash at EliteXC’s third installment of “Saturday Night Fights” Oct. 4 at the BankAtlantic Center in Sunrise, Fla. The headlining bout will anchor a live broadcast on CBS. confirmed the bout’s signing with multiple parties aware of the fight, while a press release is expected to circulate later today with the news.

The 44-year-old Shamrock (26-13-2) beat out fellow candidates Sean Gannon and Brett Rogers (Pictures), who called out Slice in May, for the coveted slot.

Shamrock has lost his last 5 fights, but he's still a huge name for hardcore and mainstream fans alike. I'll be watching and rooting for "The World's Most Dangerous Man", who will most likely be a heavy underdog. I've got 2 words for Kimbo "Heel Hook"!!


tylr said...

This is really well played move I think.

Even if Kimbo loses he is still losing to a legendary fighter, even if it is a legendary fighter past in his twilight.

If Ken wins it will be a good finale for his career, which will give the promotion lots of positive press. I don't doubt that he has it in him--Ken's main problem is his ego--If he has learned humility from his last fights, he has a possibility of training hard enough to methodically take Kimbo down. He should train with Couture because what he needs most is a gameplan. Though regardless of training, it is hard to say whether or not his chin can take even one hit from Slice.

If Kimbo wins, no one will be horribly surprised, but it will pad his record in a way that seems legitimate to casual viewers, even if it doesn't to hardcore fans.

Doubtless everyone will find it entertaining.

I wonder if Ken will retire after this fight whichever way it goes?

Probably a good idea that he does.

Anonymous said...

Its obvious they are still protecting their poster boy. I wonder what Ken will enter the ring with...Maybe a stab wound to the side just incase he locks in a submission and Kimbo needs an out. Ha

Anonymous said...

Fuck this fight.

Allen said...

I like Ken I was watching him in the old days against Royce Gracie and much bigger guys.

And I think Kimbo is overrated and as full of more hot air than the Hindenburg.

However Ken should have retired about 5 fights ago and he is just too slow and small to step in with Kimbo.

Kimbo has ALWAYS relied to superior size and speed to hit people smaller than him. He cant take guys his size or larger such as Rich Gannon or James 'Puss Ear' Thompson.

Ken was way too slow against Tito and all it will take is a glancing blow from Kimbo and Ken will get KTFO.

Ken had little Cardio 15 years ago and he sure as hell has no Cardio now.

Shamrock KTFO late round 2.
It only takes one punch.

Anonymous said...

what the fuck? ken shamrock vs kimbo, why the fuck is elite xc giving him such easy opponents...

ken is almost 45, 5'11, and weighs 205

kimbo is 34, 6'2" and weighs 240..probably more

ken is going to get demolished unless he can pull off an ankle lock

Anonymous said...

This is why Elite XC is going under. It sets up these BS half-ass fights for their star fighters. The UFC doesn't do that. It pits their best fighters against other top fighters 99% of the time. This is why the UFC is king. They should have given Kimbo a legit opponent as opposed to opponents who haven't won fights in years. Like Brett Rogers. Then again, Brett would crush Kimbo.

Anonymous said...

Ken Shamrock is one of a kind. Hes a bad MF.... hes one of the UFC veterans and hes still throwin down not too many of them still do. That deserves respect! I think shamrock be shootin for a take down with a sneaky submission that kimbo will not have the knowledge/experience to get out of.. I MEAN HOW MANY TIMES HAS SOMEONE TRYED TO SUBMIT KIMBO KONG?!

Anonymous said...

are they actually going to televise this on CBC??!!