Saturday, January 9, 2010

10 Things MMA Could Live Without in 2010

10. Horrible MMA Movies- Seriously, either find a competent director or give it up already. The sad thing is that there are very compelling stories behind so many fighters that would make for great cinema. Think about the life story of Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira, run over by a truck when he was 9, and fell into a coma for 25 days. During this time he lost a rib and part of his liver and had to be hospitalized for eleven months. Only to go on to be an mma world champion and maybe the toughest SOB in the world. Now find me a director like Martin Scorsese or the Cohen Brothers and make that movie.

9. Teammates Not Fighting Each Other- We all understand the team concept in MMA and how it helps fighters, but when 2 world class fighters in the same division won't fight each other because of friendship, it's more than a little frustrating to fans. We may never see Anderson Silva vs. Lyoto Machida or even to a lesser degree, the AKA guys fight each other. Now with Jon "Bones" Jones moving to Team Jackson we miss out on some possible great match-ups at 205lbs as well. When it comes down to it this sport is about competition and fighters always talk about how they want to fight the best, but that goes out the door if they are teammates and it depraves fans of bouts they've wanted to see for a long time.

8. Bad Commentary- I have yet to find a play by play man or color commentator that blows me away. Pat Miletich and Randy Couture we need more of as they seem to get it better than most at doing things that great color guys do, like seeing things before they happen. Hopefully there is a diamond in the rough out there somewhere for 2010, otherwise we shall suffer another year of bad to mediocre commentary.

7. Extra Medium Skull Shirts- We as the MMA community need to stop the madness for god's sake. First of all why is there this insatiable need to have a skull on every MMA shirt and have them all be "athletic fit" which basically means if you weigh more than 100lbs you shouldn't be wearing it. We need to buck this horrible trend and when I buy an extra large t-shirt, I want it to actually be extra large, not extra medium. And the material they use for these shirts is thinner than Kate Moss, make a real t-shirt!

6. Uneducated Judges- Where do some of these horrible judges come from? Who the hell knows, but its not from any place that knows how to score a fight. There should be an extensive program that these judges have to go through to learn every aspect of an MMA fight. Also, contrary to popular belief, they don't have the best seat in the house and they are not allowed a monitor, which is crazy in this day and age with HD cameras and 20 different angles coming out of a fight. This is something that Mr. Jordan Breen of the Sherdog Radio Network has talked about in the past and I couldn't agree more, get these guys a monitor for when their view is not optimal.

5. M-1 Global- Seriously, would anyone cry if M-1 Global went bankrupt? This company's insistence on co-promotion may be the strongest reason that Fedor Emelianenko is not fighting in the UFC. Now I have no problem with Fedor fighting in Strikeforce, but this M-1 Global entourage is a little ridiculous, after Fedor wins they swarm the ring with zero respect for the downed opponent and we have to listen to people like Jerry Millen gloat for days and days. Not to mention the fight cards they do actually put on by themselves are usually a joke.

4. Counter Programing- It's estimated (via google search) that 50% of cable subscribers have a DVR, now that leaves the other 50% out in the cold when this counter programing goes on. Having to pick and choose my MMA to watch would be a terrifying decision because I want to watch all the MMA I can. I understand the logic behind it, but for the millions of people that aren't fortunate enough to have a DVR, it just plain sucks.

3. Early Stoppages- Kampmann vs. Daley and Velasquez vs. Rothwell are just 2 examples of early stoppages. Now whether you think the outcome of either of those 2 fights wouldn't have changed anyways is not the point. These guys put their heart and soul into every single fight and they want to go out on their shield giving everything they have and to have that taken away by the ref has to be heart breaking to say the least. I'm all for fighter safety, but I'm more for letting these guys fight their way through tough positions and not having a bad call ruin their night.

2. 3 Round Main Events- Personally, I'm for every fight being 5 rounds, but that just doesn't seem like it will ever become reality. Let me ask you this if Ortiz vs Griffin or Franklin vs Silva or Sanchez vs Guida were 5 rounders would there be any questions as to who the real winner is? Not that there should be, but let's be honest it's very possible that Griffin, Franklin and Sanchez finish those fights if they were 5 round affairs. At least make main events 5 rounders because it's usually 2 world class athletes going at it and 3 rounds just isn't enough sometimes to determine who the better fighter is.

1. The Ultimate Fighter- I'm sorry, but there comes a time when everything runs its course and that time should be now for this reality show. I've never liked the layout of the show and stopped watching after season 1 and after being forced to watch the absolutely atrocious fights from this last season I don't know. Maybe they need some kind of new format or something, but I think it's time to bury TUF for good.

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