Sunday, January 24, 2010

Dana White on Possible Pride Revival: "Anything is Possible"

UFC President Dana White was asked if a Pride revival was ever possible by The Scrapyard. He responded by saying the "Best of Pride" series on Spike TV pulled a solid rating and discussed further the possibility of a Pride resurrection.
“You never know, anything is possible,” said White when asked if he’d consider hosting an event or two in a ring under the Pride brand.
“For its time slot on Friday night, the first episode pulled a good rating so we’re excited about that. We’re hoping that series will continue to do well.”
“I don’t want to say the Pride name is dead. It’s still a strong powerful brand. But the reality is that us running Pride in Japan, that completely fell apart.”

Oh what a glorious day it would be in MMA, unless the rules were changed and it was completely Americanized of course. Get Yuji Shimada in("give up"), get Bas and Quadros to do the announcing and make it happen. Wishful thinking I know.

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