Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Lyoto Machida's Father Says He Must Fight Anderson Silva

I wrote an article a few days back entitled 10 Things MMA Could Live Without in 2010 and one of my gripes was friends or teammates not fighting each other. Shizio Machida, Lyoto's Father, did an interview with PVT Mag in which he agrees that Anderson Silva and Lyoto Machida need to go at it at some point.

There is only one champion, so I believe this fight must happen. It's a professional issue, and I believe they can fight. Deep down, everyone wants to know who is strongest. Friendship is friendship, but they're not amateurs. The eventual winner isn't my concern. What matters to me is how they win, and their strategy. This would be a mental battle...I really like Anderson. He didn't train Karate, but knew it instinctively. Standing switches, stances, how to use his waist, moving with purpose as he advances and backs away, dancing without getting hit. The future of MMA isn't who can take more punishment, but the one who leaves with a clean face. Many fights are pure slugfests, but people don't see things ten years into the future.

I think Shizio sums it pretty well when he says its a professional issue and they're not amateurs. Of course it's ultimately not up to him, but the 2 fighters themselves and even if Shizio convinces Lyoto, Anderson still must agree. So it's still far fetched in my opinion, but we can dream.
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