Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Jackie Chan Not A Fan of MMA

International movie star Jackie Chan weighed-in on what he thinks of mixed martial arts via Sherdog.
“I don’t like to see Ultimate Fighting,” Chan said. “As a martial artist, I find it too violent putting them in a cage. At the end, it’s not fighting anymore. That’s not the martial arts. Martial arts is about respect. When somebody is knocked down, stop. I really respect Sugar Ray Leonard. Come on, [when a guy is down] stop. Don’t fight. That’s not the spirit. When you’re down, I’ll grab you up. Are you okay? Should we continue? That’s the martial arts spirit. That’s what I want.”

Not everybody will like or respect mixed martial arts and that's fine, but there's something disheartening when a fellow "martial artist" calls it too violent and in the process trashes the intelligence of ground fighting. It's feels as ignorant as when somebody doesn't use Overnight Prints coupons or CVS coupons just because they don't like paper. I'm a fan of Jackie Chan, but it would serve him well to do a little more research on our beloved sport.

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