Friday, January 25, 2008

7 Things You Don't Want to See in MMA in 2008

I got this idea from a sherdog forum post. Of course there are many things we need to see, but there are many things that we don't need to have any part of.

7. Horrible Judges Decisions- Seriously do we need another Hamill/Bisping, judges need to be people who are obsessed with watching fights. They need to be fans of the sport and not just people who are doing a job.

6. More Fighters being Suspended for Steroids, HGH, etc.- I've said it before and I'll say it again steroids is the ultimate form of cheating in any physical sport. If you take PED(Performence Enhancing Drugs) your already doubting your ability to win a fight.

5. Smaller Organizations Go Under- I love the UFC, but I also love Cage Rage, M1 Global, WEC, Elite XC, HDNet Fights, K1 etc.. Some of the best MMA fights you will ever see will come out of the smaller orgs. Maybe the best fight I saw of 2007 was Marius Zaromskis vs Ross Mason at Cage Rage 22, track it down and watch it you will not be dissapointed.

4. Great Pride Fighters not Fighting- Where is Takanori Gomi? One of the best most exciting fighters in history isn't fighting anywhere. How about Mark Hunt, one of my personal favorite heavyweights, he should be fighting the best in the world. Get these guys in the ring, cage, my backyard or wherever and let them scrap.

3. Wanderlei Silva, Crocop and Mauricio Shogun Rua Losing- Three of the most exciting fighters in history, I hope they can turn it around for every MMA fans sake. Whether its the rule changes, the cage or whatever these extremely entertaining fighters need to figure it out because if they keep losing we might not see the dream matches we all hope for.

2. Chuck Liddell Fighting Rampage Again for the Title- I'm sorry but when you beat a guy so decisively 2 times in a row, that guy should'nt get a third crack at it. Same goes for Rich Franklin vs Anderson Silva, there's no point in it. So if Liddell and Franklin land a haymaker in the third fight, does that mean that they're better fighters? Don't think so, we already know who the better fighter is.

1. Fedor Fighting Cans- How in the world does Aleksander get to fight Josh Barnett before Fedor does? This is the best fighter I've ever seen, he should be fighting fighters who actually have a chance at beating him. We don't need to see him fight Semmy Schilt or Bob Sapp, which are some of the new rumors going around, because we all know what the outcome will be. Hopefully the Randy Couture fight will take place this year.


Anonymous said...

well if liddell wins his next fight against a guy like jardine erasing that loss or beats shogun, he would only need one more win to definatly deserve a title shot. especially since he was such a dominate champ, they allways get shots quicker then other fighters and deservidly so in my opinion. If chuck can win his next fight or 2 then i think you have to let him fight for the belt weather rampage is holding it or not. said...

I completely agree. I'd like to see more cross-promotional fights as well. Regardless of organization, let's have the best fighting the best!

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Anonymous said...

as long as Dana White is sitting on Chuck Liddells dick, chuck will get whatever he wants. that's the only reason he was on top for so long.

Anonymous said...

Kind of laugh at the #2 comment, considering it was that same lucky punch which ended Chuck and Rampage's second fight.

Wandy has knocked out Rampage twice, so does that mean we shouldn't see a third one because no matter what happens, Wandy has already proven to be a better fighter?

But yes, we don't need to see and Silva/Franklin fight.

One thing I'll add. Letting game show winners have title shots. The UFC has ruined the Welterweight division because a third rate mouth piece got lucky one night. Fighters should have to prove themselves against other top fighters if they want a title shot.

JaG said...

Liddell didnt lose due to a lucky punch...he got ktfo, and he got ktfo by a guy who beat him decisively in 2003 as well. Tim v. Arlovski was enough for me; unless chuck can come up with 3 consecutive wins(and rampage continues to hold the title), i dont see any reason for another fight.

And i dont see how anyone in their right mind could compare rampage/wandy and chuck/rampage...
wandy beat rampage and has gone straight downhill, while rampage beat chuck and has continued to improve, these are completely different situations.

Anonymous said...

I agree with most of this list, but Chuck should definitely get a rematch. An early flash KO doesn't really "prove" anything, and the other fight was 5 years ago in another org. I'd still pick Rampage to win, but I don't see any good reason for not having the rematch.

mr. incredible said...

I really can't believe you said chuck shouldn't get another shot against rampage...there is no fighter at 205 that is that much better than chuck-which leads to a knock out that quick...we call those lucky punches! I definately want to see that fight and this time i want to see it go into later rounds possibly- 1st fight=chuck gasses-not use to the numerous fights in one night 2nd fight=lucky punch 3rd fight=a good one

Love the page though-keep up the good work!

Ryan said...

^ Typical "Ice-Fan" (yeah, that's right) making grand excuses.

But....K - 1 is a smaller organization?


Anonymous said...

Comment #3
"as long as Dana White is sitting on Chuck Liddells dick, chuck will get whatever he wants. that's the only reason he was on top for so long."

Yes, you can't deny that Dana and Chuck are friends and that he will obviously get special treatment. But Chuck was on top for so long because he KTFO of everyone that came in front of him. Let's give credit where credit is due.

As for Rampage, he doesn't deserve a third fight, not yet anyway. He had his rematch and he lost. End of story. There are a number of great 205 fighters who are deserving of a title shot. 3 consecutive wins against top contenders and I would say he'd be deserving of it. But until then, there are others who should be given the opportunity to face the champ

mr. incredible said...

hey ryan i'm not an "ice-fan" it's called stating the facts! i am however a franklin fan-and i don't think he should be fighting anderson any time soon!

Anonymous said...

Sem Schilt is not a Can. He has fought many mma fights and is arguably world's best striker.