Thursday, January 24, 2008

UFC 81 Teleconference Coverage covered the UFC 81 Teleconference here are the first ten notes from the conference.

●Dana White is not in on the conference call for UFC 81.

●Brock was asked about his mental toughness heading into his first bout in the UFC. He responded that he hopes so and he's looking forward to the challenge. He said the extended layoff between bouts has also allowed him to absorb as much as he possibly could.

●Brock was asked whether he'd be offended if he were the more experienced fighter (like Frank Mir) for fighting this inexperienced guy. Brock said Frank is a smart enough guy to know that Brock should be taken as a threat and Dana wouldn't have signed him had Dana not thought he could do well.

●Brock said everyone forgets he was an amateur wrestler for 18 years competing at a high level and both Frank and himself have a lot to lose in this. He said hopefully this was the start of the road toward becoming the UFC heavyweight champ.

●Brock's been training in MMA for about two years now and when asked about whether or not he picked up anything from his first fight, he said competition is in his blood. Wherever it takes place it doesn't matter. He said he will be very comfortable in the Octagon.

●Brock said the stand-up game and the ground game are something he's been paying particular attention to because he knows how important it is to be well-rounded.

●Frank Mir was asked about there being any pressure on him fighting the "pro wrestler." Mir said there was no pressure and cited Lesnar amateur wrestling experience. He said had he not decided to go wrestling Lesnar would probably be in MMA. Mir said if he beats Lesnar he should be in the conversation for the title because of all the publicity this bout is receiving.

●Frank said he's been 100% for a while now since the accident. He said he was 100% even back during his loss to Brandon Vera. Frank said he's been cleared physically by the doctor for a while now.

●Frank talked about the need to keep moving in this fight because of Brock's strength.

●Craig Borsari, UFC's Senior Vice President of Operations and Production, is on the call for Dana White.

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