Thursday, January 31, 2008

Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira vs Tim Sylvia Prediction and Analysis

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Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira vs Tim Sylvia
If you've watched Pride for a long time like I have then this fight is one I've wanted to see for a long time. The styles couldn't be any more different, legendary Jiu-Jitsu vs size and strength. Big Tim is predicting a knockout, but this is Nogueira we're talkin about, the guy's chin is the stuff of legend. I don't care that Heath Herring caught him with a high kick, the fact is that he recovered and won that fight. I also think Nogueira's boxing is better than Sylvia, more technically sound and more speed also. Obviously Tim has the power advantage, I think this will be a close fight but ultimately I like Nogueira to win a decision.
Prediction-Nogueira by Decision

I will finish picking the rest of the card tommorow.


Anonymous said...

to be fair im not a fan of tim silvia he looks like bambi on ice when he fights in the octogan, i cant put my finger on why i dont like him i just dont?? probably becouse im 5 foot 8 the size of tim silvias morning crap , but any way i hope nogueira beats him with a knockout more than likely though, tim will hinder nogs pace and stretch it out to a decision....

Anonymous said...

I agree with you. Nogueira is a complete fighter, and Sylvia is a limited fighter. Sorry for my bad english, i´m brazilian.
Congratulations and thank you very very much for your blog, this suck´s!

Anonymous said...

I think Tim Sylvia should be banned for life from the world of fighting. He is the most boring fighter ever daring to step in the ring, and can turn any exciting fight into a boring yawnfest.
I truly hope Nogueira breaks his arm (or neck, preferably), I admire the spirit and heart of that man, but I'm sad to day I can see how Tim just uses his size to push him against the fence all night and win the fight.
If that happens - I'll track Sylvia down and assasinate him for the sake of MMA.

Anonymous said...

I think Nogueira can and will win this fight if he can avoid 2 things.

1. Time Silvia's freakish reach
2. Tim Silvia from clinching against the cage

Nogueira is most defiantly the better fighter. Unfortunately the slob known as Tim Silvia tends to do whatever it takes to win even if it means holding someone against the cage for the whole match ie. Brandon Vera

P.S Tim Silvia is a bitch an has publicly stated that he doesn't give a shit about the fans.


Anonymous said...

im sorry but im starting to think you're a bit of a pride nuthugger,

you always seem to pick the pride fighter over the ufc fighter

and you're predictions are nearly always garbage and always wrong

mr. incredible said...

wow i can't believe it when people say that tim is boring fighter...the guy that said he is gonna assinate tim...get a life go back and look at his fights vs telligman, ricco and gan! those weren't boring fights! unless you are one dumb mma fan. he fought not to lose against monson and it was boring! and the vera fight goes both ways!

back to the fight at hand i think if it goes to a decision Tim takes it...otherwise he will be going for broke and trying to win-he doesn't have the title so he will fight to win!

Anonymous said...

THe boring giant will probably pull out a win again.

Anyone who calls Fedor "a little shi$)(@*" deserves a serious mma
bitch slap.