Friday, February 1, 2008

Shogun Confirms Fight with Chuck Liddell in June

****Update, This Rumor is absolutely true Click Here for the full story****

This is according to a brazilian website named TATAME, I was able to get a translation of what Shogun said. Keep in mind I don't know how reliable this is.
Here is what Shogun had to say to this website.

In the high-way to the Rosa Beach in Santa Catarina, where he will spend the holidays with his wife, Mauricio Shogun confirmed to TATAME his fight with Chuck Liddell in June. "I confirmed that fight yesterday, everything is set for June and I hope to fight well and represent my new team, the University of Fighting (UDL)" said Shogun, who hopes to avenge his friends loss.

"For sure I will avenge Wanderlei" assured the athlete who wants to do go to America and train there sometime with Wanderlei. "I called Wanderlei and we taled a lot, we will do the exchanging for sure, I don't know when, it all depends with my strategy of the fight"

"Liddell has good boxing and a very good Wrestling. His game is more stand-up, so it can be a mistake to try to take him down all the time, because it demands too much energy. I will still plan my best tactic with my coach Alejo Morales (note : against Forrest he had no game plan), with my brother and the rest of the team. But I can strike with Liddell and beat him there, no problem.

Original Brazilian Source Here

I'm not sure if this is anything but a rumor. Liddell has stated many times that he wants to fight Keith Jardine next. Maybe Chuck fights Jardine soon and then Shogun at the end of June, I dunno.


Daniels said...

That is very exciting news. I hope Shogun is completely back to his normal conditioning.


Anonymous said...

"That is very exciting news. I hope Shogun is completely back to his normal conditioning..."

...and off the roids.

Anonymous said...

great site!!!!!! was looking for the 25 tuffest moments. do you have it or could you post a link for it?