Friday, February 22, 2008

Mix of Drugs Led to Ryan Gracie's Death

Here is the story on the autopsy of the late fighter. Here is the meat of the article from sherdog.

Two months after his body was found in a Sao Paulo jail cell, the "Fantastico" television program on Rede Globo in Brazil cited a toxicology report conducted by experts that indicated Gracie had consumed marijuana and cocaine. He also had the following anti-anxiety medications in his system: Midazolam, Alprazolan, Prometazina, Clozapine and Haloperidol.

The medications were given in therapeutic doses, according to the official report. Yet official investigator Paulo D'Amico Jr. said it was the combination of drugs, not their measurement, that caused Gracie's death. D'Amico explained that the drug cocktail affected Gracie's heart and also noted the fighter's history of dependence.

Psychiatrist Sabino de Farias Neto administered the medication.

"For 31 years I have treated patients who use marijuana, cocaine, [alcohol]," Neto said. "And use medications exactly at this level."

Psychiatrist Marcelo de Mello, who had no connection to the case, commented during the "Fantastico" program's report on the effects of several drugs in the body.

"The thing you will notice is the amount of drugs that were used at the same time," Mello said. "One interacts with the other, which can increase the number of side effects. In this case, especially the heart. The heart may start to knock off the pace, [beat] more seriously -- it can lead to cardiac arrest."

The use of cocaine can exacerbate the situation. Furthermore, problems were likely compounded when Gracie left the Legal Medical Institute and returned to jail.

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