Thursday, February 7, 2008

Petition: Extend UFC Fight Night 13 to 3 Hours

The following is an email I recieved.

I know ur a die-hard and i know u wnat this as much as i do, so if u culd post this on ur website this wuld be awesome. Its a petition to extend the stacked UFN 13 card to 3 hours as opposed to the regular 2.

Fightlinker started the petition and here is how you go about submitting your petition

E-mail with the following.

SUBJECT: UFC Fight Night on April 2nd

I’m writing to ask that the UFC Fight Night on April 2nd be given three hours of time instead of two. The card is one of the best UFC cards ever put on Spike, and it deserves a longer timeslot. The entire fight community is looking forward to seeing this event, and I am sure you’ll have a significantly higher number of viewers if you decide to show more of the card.

Thank you for your time
[your name]

Sounds good to me, here is that stacked card.

Main Bouts
Joe Lauzon vs Kenny Florian
Matt Hamill vs Stephan Bonnar
Karo Parisyan vs Thiago Alves
Houston Alexander vs James Irvin

Undercard Bouts
Frankie Edgar vs Gray Maynard
Clay Guida vs Samy Schiavo
Spencer Fisher vs Marcus Aurelio
Din Thomas vs Josh Neer
Tommy Spear vs Anthony Johnson

Now thats a fight card! Better than alot of PPV's I've seen. So copy and paste and send the email so we can see more of this card! Who knows maybe we can make a difference for once. This idea was sent to Spike by Dana White, so it didn't just come out of nowhere, here is a link to that story.

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