Wednesday, February 13, 2008

DREAM Video:Crocop, Royce Gracie, JZ and Others Speak at DREAM Press Conference

DREAM is the new organization that Crocop will be fighting in and from the looks of it many other former Pride fighters and popular fighters in Japan. Former pride owners and K-1 are the ones behind this new promotion. Is this the new Pride?

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Anonymous said...

I can't believe that cro cop let the UFC beat him. pisses me off. He should have redeemed himself in the ufc before he fought for another organization. QUITTER!

Anonymous said...

Check out this piece of news I found at

The following is a message from Cindy Ortiz, a friend of UFC president Dana White (who happened to book Mr. White on's old "CFZ Radio" program a few years ago and still has a friendly relationship with him to this day):

I just talked to DW and this is what he had to say:

The split was amicable and the terms were decided on in advance. Cro Cops $350k (plus bonuses) contract had a clause in it stating that if he lost two consecutive fights Zuffa had the right to void the existing agreement and negotiate a new one.

CC never dreamed that he would be so overwhelmed by the level of competition he has faced in the UFC so far and and the losses have impacted him mentally.

The UFC did NOT cut Cro Cop from the roster nor did they threaten to make him sit out until his contract expired if he didn't take the pay cut deal.

Rather than negotiate a new contract with the UFC right now (and risk racking up more losses), Cro Cop wants to get a couple of tune up fights (and wins) in some of the smaller shows (no more tune up matches for him in the UFC) in hopes of rebuilding his confidence and getting himself back on track.

DW understood completely and supported Cro Cop in his decision. The last thing DW wants to do is shell out a six-figure purse to a fighter that isn't fighting worth a dayum. Even though it would have been lower than the original figure, it would still be a waste of money and resources.

Cro Cops ultimate goal is to win the UFC HW championship belt and DW believes he still has the potential to accomplish that goal. CC's plan when he signed with the UFC was, "I will become Champion after three matches. I will need two and a half or three months off between each match. I expect to hold the UFC belt by the Summer. Then I want Pride Champion Fedor Emelianenko, Vs Me the UFC Heavyweight Champion on New Years Eve."

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Unbelievable huh!

from mamun

Anonymous said...

u are dumb! i respect Crop Cop for his decisions. he's doing what's best for him and his family not for your gay ass nor his other so called "fans". war crop cop!

on another note, i am stoked about DREAM! the new Pride! War DREAM!

Anonymous said...

back to the minors for Cro-Cop, thats where he belongs.
Maybe if he gets better he can go back to fighting with the big dogs haha.