Friday, February 29, 2008

Fighters Give Their Anderson Silva vs Dan Henderson Predictions


Some fighters from the UFC and outside the UFC give their input about the superfight on Saturday.

Bas Rutten: “This is a difficult fight to call. It all depends on if Henderson can take the fight to the ground which he is very capable of doing. He has a hard head and he will push the action forward but then he will encounter Anderson’s ability to back-up and strike. Henderson will probably look for the clinch but he will have to make sure that he doesn’t leave any space or he will get drilled with one of those knees Silva throws. If Henderson can get him on the ground I think he can do very well with the GNP and win by decision. If Silva is able to land those knees or sharp punches from the stand-up then he will win by KO.”

Joe Lauzon: “I think it will be a good fight, but I think Henderson will be too much for him in the clinch, on the ground, and everywhere. I think Henderson has the ability to throw that right hand, charge in, and take people down – just press people. I think it is going to work against Anderson, where he is wanting to keep his distance.”

“Razor” Rob McCullough: “I was training up in Big Bear with Dan Henderson – we were at the same gym, and he told me it was the first time he had done high-altitude training – so he is definitely taking his training to the next level. And him being such an elite grappler, I think that he is going to give Anderson Anderson Silva, I love to watch that guy too, he’s a great striker – he’s awesome, and he has good hips – but I think Dan Henderson is just going to close the distance, tie him up, and put him on his back. I think [Dan’s] going to take the fight.” Silva a serious problem.

Travis Lutter: “If I was betting I guess I would be on Anderson, but with that being said I don’t want to bet [laughs]. I think it is going to be a tough fight. I think Dan has the tools to beat Anderson, but it is going to be tough. The way I see it is, Dan’s wrestling is definitely, without a doubt better than Anderson’s – but I think Anderson’s jiu-jitsu and his length is going to give problems to Dan once he does take him down. I think it is going to be fairly dangerous for Dan to be down there. Maybe I’m wrong, but I just think that he’s so long. I see Dan maybe winning the first round and maybe falling into the same thing that he’s done before where he falls into a kickboxing fight. I see Dan probably losing on a five-round decision, but we’ll see. I think it will be a good fight.”

Jake Shields: “That is a tough one to call. Dan Henderson and Anderson Silva are probably my two favorite 185-pounders. It’s one of those fights that I don’t think I would bet on. If I had to pick I think might go with Anderson. Henderson gets so wild and likes to strike, throwing those big overhands, and Anderson has looked so precise on his feet. I’m not very sure for that prediction. For me this is one of the fights I’m super excited about. It’s also one of those fights where it is hard to tell how it will end. It’s also hard to tell how Henderson will fight – is he going to take him down or is he going to try to strike with Anderson? The smart thing to do would be to take [Anderson] down, but we’ll see – Dan’s a stubborn fighter sometimes. Sometimes [Dan] loses fights he should win.”

Frank Trigg: "I am taking Henderson. I think he brings aspects of the game that Anderson hasn't seen before. He is a bully, a guy that is not scared to get hit and a walk straight into you. You can't run from Anderson, you have got to get inside. Fighting Anderson Silva is the equivalent of fighting Vladimir clinch Co., you have to get inside an attack them. That is what no one has done yet to him but that is exactly what Henderson does. Everyone says stay away from Silva's dirty boxing but that is exactly what Greco-Roman is. Henderson has a great shot at it, I mean he went to two Olympic Games. Silva though is a true practitioner and true Brazilian jujitsu black belt but he doesn't have any takedown defense. So at some point he is going to end up on his back and Henderson is going to pass the guard. That is the game that is going to be played and I think Henderson wins it. I think Henderson will win rounds to three and four after losing round one and then round five will be a crapshoot. Henderson may get hit but he will continue to do the takedown and control in that should be enough to win the fight."


Anonymous said...

i agree with trigg the most

Anonymous said...

you know what henderson deserves to get koed. anderson is always so respectful and hendy just started spewing trash talk disrespecting rampage and anderson. henderson is coming off of a loss, to me it was a clear decision. hender says he thought he won that fight? hello did you bother to look at your face after the fight or how hard you was breathin guy? basically i think henders gameplan with rampage should have had more groundwork less "pride" if you know what i mean. randy couture called that fight exactly. anderson is very classy and im surprised by how much respect he gives his opponents so hendy you look like a donk going around saying you're gonna "beat up" "ko" anderson and shut up hendy, you say you've never been koed do your homework, silva never been koed either. and he says anderson shows weakness on the ground "because he's been submitted in the past" clearly overlooking himself getting submitted by good friend and training partner of silva, nogueira