Thursday, February 28, 2008

Michael Eisner Video Interview With Dana White

Excellent video interview with Dana on "Conversations with Michael Eisner".


Brock said...

Excellent interview! thank you for posting!

The majority of MMA fans hate on Dana, but its nice to hear a bit on his perspective, he doesn't seem like the big dick he's always made out to be....granted sometimes he is.

Goosaba said...

He's still a dick, but he has to be. He's a business man, you can't fault him for trying to make money or holding the fighters to their contracts. If he wasn't out there trying to make it a big show and make the big money the UFC would fall apart. Then every night would be C.S.I. night on Spike. I'm always going to support the fighters but I can't blame Dana for doing what he does.

I must be a dick too.