Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Big John McCarthy has Some Harsh Words for Dana White and UFC

Interesting, in an audio interview over at bloodyelbow.com here is some of what he said.

He said he doesn’t care if Dana White is unhappy with him working for the pro-Randy Couture FightNetwork. McCarthy predicts Couture will win his battle against UFC and be freed from his contract come July.
Big John doesn’t like UFC’s direction with pay-per-views saying UFC 80 should be on free TV.

Listen to the Full Audio Here


RFT-Sabah said...

Although we all miss Big John McCarthy we all undrestand that Dana is a fucking jackass and doesnt deserve to have a great fighter like Randy fighting for him..

Anonymous said...

I think that's bullshit. Who is John McCarthy to say what events should be free verses paid? Of course we all want free PPV's but who knows if Dana is the guilty party? Maybe Spike turned it down.

I think the opposite regarding Randy. He'll be obligated to either fight for the UFC or wait out his fight/promotional contracts.

Anonymous said...

yeah randy is in the wrong on this and is making himself look like an ass. if he didnt like the terms of the contract he should have never signed it. People seem to forget he did something simular back when he won the heavyweight belt the first time. Randy is just proving himself to be a dirty buisnessman that is all about the greed and not his fans.

Anonymous said...

well, he has been in the game since the start, im sure he knows wether dana is in charge of the ppv/free show's.
why would a channel like spike turn down a lot of viewers, with a lot of money coming in from commercials during breaks.
im u're just a troll trying to think the opposite of whatever people post.

Anonymous said...

Spike has turned down UFC events in the past.

Anonymous said...

Dana is not a frontman for the organization. Dana is a power hungry dude who knows the fighters have no choice but join them or suffer. The UFC has cornered the market. However, if the fighters join together and get some talent elsewhere things can change especially with the bad press the UFC is getting. Dana sounds like a moron whenever he talks about money. When asked why Keith Jardine was payed 14,500.00 for his win over Chuck Lidell, Dana says "we have a bigger plan, i can't say what it is but we have a plan". Are you kidding me?!!..we have a plan! that's your answer? The guy just put the a severe beating on Lidell and we don't even hear of him ever again. I hope people like Keith Jardine and others get paid properly in the future. The revenue generated has reached massive proportions. This seems to be a matter of greed right now. Speaking of which i didn't know about this online "fight club" which the UFC promotes, it gives you special offers and first choice at mint tickets for fights but costs 76$ for a premium pass and $29 for a regular pass. That's crazy!!!....The UFC advertises the fighters on this website like most UFC related things. I wonder if the fighters ever a see a penny of this stuff. It's just a matter of time before more fighters start to leave. I believe Big John more then anyone else. He's been there forever and seen it all in the foreground and background.
As far as Randy's press conference it sounds ilke he's an honest guy & Dana/Zuffa are the guilty party here playing hollywood games.
In terms of a breech of contract..sure he can break it are you guys kidding? Were talking about the law here...it's not black and white..there is always a loop hole.
Free PPV?...That's just Big John..he's entitled to his opinion.
I would really like to see mid and low end fighters get compensated properly. This is just greed.
Plain and simple.

sharkbait_30 said...

I agree, for some of the younger fans, don't forget who were there since the UFC began. This is not the first time that fighters have said remarks about how Dana is when it comes to money. Anyone remember the interview with tito ortiz, when he mentioned that Dana has changed ever since the UFC became huge? People remember, fighters deserve more, coz they put in the work and we pay to watch them. It is worth my buck for as long as I know that they get very well compinsated. But knowing that I use up my dolla bills to get people like Dana rich and fighters left with dimes, leaves a bad taste in my mouth. Fighters are being treated or played like animals, which should never be.

saku said...

Dana White is the biggest shitface on the Planet
All he can do is talk about fuck, shit and motherf.....
he is not good for mma

Who is John McCarthy?
i think John McCarthy is the best ref in the universe he belong in the UFC