Thursday, January 17, 2008

UFC 80: Rapid Fire Predictions and Analysis

UFC 80 is this Saturday, here is what I think will go down. Of course you can analyze all the match-ups and try to find the angles, but when it comes to fighting predictions can be crushed by one good punch. Anyways I'm still gonna pick the fights just for the hell of it.

BJ Penn vs Joe Stevenson
I just see no way that Stevenson can win this fight, of course like I said before anything can happen, but this is as safe a bet as there is. After watching the Countdown show it seems that Penn is totally focused and in serious shape. Two things that have been a problem in some of his past fights. With Penn focused and in shape it would be hard for any fighter in the world to beat him. While Stevenson is solid he's just not on the level of "The Prodigy".
Prediction- BJ Penn by Any Way He Chooses

Gabriel Gonzaga vs Fabricio Werdum
This is a tough fight to pick, both fighters are world class in Jiu-Jitsu, but Gonzaga has that X-factor, which is ending the fight with one strike, although the first time they fought Werdum beat Gonzaga up pretty good and Werdum is no slouch when it come to striking. Gonzaga has improved tremendously and ultimately I think that Gonzaga's strength will win this fight. Werdum is a very small heavyweight and I think the size and strength will be too much, but this will be an entertaining fight to watch for sure.
Prediction- Gonzaga by Stoppage

Marcus Davis vs Jess Liaudin
I'm calling it right now this will be the "Fight of the Night" mark my words. Marcus Davis is on the verge of being a star I think. He has all the tools to rise in the division. Liaudin has won his last five fights in impressive fashion, but I think his streak will end at UFC 80.
Prediction- Marcus Davis by Stoppage

Rounding out the scheduled televised bouts, I like Jason Lambert to beat Wilson Gouveia and Kendall Grove to beat Jorge Rivera(which is another candidate for Fight of the Night I think).

There are also 3 fights on the undercard that have the potential to be great fights.
I like Alessio Sakara to get back on track against James Lee.
I Like Sam "Hands of Stone Stout over Per Eklund.
I like Paul Taylor over Paul Kelly and to round it out I Antoni Hardonk over Colin Robinson.

I'm telling you those undercard fights are gonna be exciting especially the Sam Stout fight. Even though this isn't the greatest card, its gonna be entertaining.


Anonymous said...

You seem like you know your shit, but you're kind if dumb.

Anonymous said...


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Anonymous said...

everyone knows BJ is gonna end up on top. even though fabrico won their first bout, i am predicting that gabriel gonzaga takes home a tko. this fight could go three rounds but gonzaga will end it. fabrico look impressive to me against arlovski but i still dont think he has the intensity of gonzaga. paul taylor's fight should be a good chance to see what kind of damage he can do. i thought for sure he was going to finish off maurcus davis, but what a great fight that was. sam stout and alessio are always exciting. look for alessio to get back on track and sam stout to have a standup war where he will finish on top. wilson gouviea vs jason lambert should be a slugfest. i want gouviea to win but lambert has been looking impressive and has strong hands.


Anonymous said...

lmfao verdum is bigger than gonzaga

Anonymous said...

Normally I agree with most of your opinions. However I don't think anyone should count out Joe Stevenson. I'm picking him to give an upset.


Anonymous said...

i agree, BJ looked very cut in that won't be pretty for stevenson.

also, i thought comment/ moron moderation was on? why are meatheads and wankers still allowed to post idiotic comments...i thought thats what myspace was for?

Jake said...

i must say im proud of you. i go to ur site at least once a day and love reading ur predictions but this is the first time i agree with every single one. stevenson is not at BJ's level but i would never count him out he is no slouch and has a very unlikely chance of a luck submission or punch. also i would pick Grove to win by submission and Sakara by tko. i also agree that Gonzaga is to powerfull and will likely win by knockout or TKO. Love the site , keep it up.

Anonymous said...

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