Saturday, January 19, 2008

Fedor Emelianenko and Randy Couture Staredown During Commercial Shoot

This was shot for Affliction, I thought everyone might enjoy this. Its not exactly a "Staredown" but still, it seems this fight will take place at some point.

UFC 80 Reaction

Well my predictions for UFC 80 were pretty bad as usual with the exceptions being Penn, Davis, Sakara, Stout and Hardonk. Good for Werdum he impressed me alot as did the newcomer Paul Kelly in a terrific fight against Paul Taylor. Penn dominated Stevenson and after the bout saying "Sean Sherk is Dead" is classic, then Sherk came in and got booed. The first 3 televised bouts were all over pretty quickly and all in KO fashion. So we got too see all the undercard fights except the Sam Stout fight. All in all a very solid pay per view I thought. Can't wait to see Penn fight Sherk.


Anonymous said...

that was fking cool those guys are surely badass cant wait for that fight to happen, BTW ,afflicton clothes is nice but EXPENSIVE..

Anonymous said...

They always try to play up the nationality of the fighters. I can tell though, from Randy's previous interviews concerning Fedor, as well as Fedor's interviews, that both are actually really humble gentleman. ...

I think what we're seeing here, is a subtle secondary evolution in combat sports.

The rise of The True Warrior, where it really is strictly a contest of skill and athleticism, versus running your mouth off (for the most part ... there are exceptions like Guillard). These warriors do have a strong sense of honour and self-esteem, but it's settled respectfully with their performance in the octagon/ring.

The problem I see is in the marketing and politics of the sport. Where old out-of-date and arrogant conservative views on adversarial politics worms its way into the promotions.

There's this fine line between Nationalism/Patriotism, and a xenophobic arrogance that clouds peoples judgement, and you definitely see it in the way we as a society clutch on to our differences, versus celebrating our commonalities.

It proud to see it settled with respect in true champions like Randy and Fedor.

csreeves said...

In response to "anonymous" of 2-11-08:

Did you just say "xenophobic arrogance"?!?!

The fact that a "fight fan" even has this kind of vocabulary at his (or her...don't want to be sexist) disposal is evidence of the sport's evolution. If it was just dumb thugs in bar-room brawl situations, there's NO WAY it would have such broad appeal. Don't get me wrong, there are definitely still the neanderthal types masturbating to the soundbite of joe rogan saying "fists the size of canned hams"...BUT...there are also highly intelligent and honorable fighters and fans in this game. I like that about this sport.