Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Frank Mir Will Stop Brock Lesnar in the First Round

Now thats a prediction! Well I believe 100% that it will happen, either by submission or TKO. I just don't believe Lesnar can come in to the UFC with 1 professional MMA fight and beat a seasoned veteran like Frank Mir. Mir seems refocused on fighting and this would be not just a huge win for him, but a huge win for the MMA world. You really think that any MMA fighter is rooting for Lesnar.

This situation reminds me of Sean Gannon, the former cop who was known for being the only guy to beat Kimbo Slice, I'm sure everyone has seen that video. So he got into MMA and won his first fight and was given a fight in the UFC. At UFC 55 he took on Brandon Lee Hinkle, not the greatest fighter in the world and a guy also making his UFC debut. Hinkle was a true Mixed Martial Artist though with 18 pro fights under his belt compared to Gannon's 1. Gannon got absolutely demolished in a fight some considered was allowed to go too long because the UFC wanted to show people you don't just come into this sport and think you're tougher than these guys. Now obviously this situation is different, Lesnar is a world class wrestler and that can take you pretty far in this sport against lesser competition. Here are some questions that need to be asked.

How is Lesnar's Chin? Of course we have no idea.
How is Lesnar's Sub defense? No Clue.
Its not likely, but what if Lesnar is on his back, can he defend anything? Again we don't know. You can train and train these things and I'm sure Lesnar does, but training is not fighting in the octagon with a Jiu-Jitsu black belt and a true Mixed Martial Artist. Sorry pro wrestling fans I think Mir exposes the obvious weaknesses of one Mr. Brock Lesnar. Of course my predictions usually suck, so what do I know?

I'll take on the rest of the card tommorow.


#1DIAZFAN said...

i agree 100 percent. while lesnar may be a world class wrestler anyone who has watched enough fights can tell you that MMA is way more than wrestling. don't get me wrong i hope it is a great fight but i really think that brock is kinda gettin thrown to the wolves.but hey this is MMA and anything can happen it only takes 1 mistake either way but by watchin Mir since his accident he looks great and his BJJ is excellent.maybe in 2-3 years it would be a great fight but right now i'm with you if lesnar makes it past 1 round i will be very surprised.the sylvia-nog fight is worth the price for the PPV i'm leaning toward nog given the beatings he has taken from
other fighters and still pulled off the wins.nog has a great repeat great chin and excellent BJJ ............Nog in 2 by tapout watcha think onepunchko?

csreeves said...

Brock is gonna do what muscle memory tells him to do once things get hairy...he'll attempt a takedown. If and when he gets that takedown he will go through 3 psychological phases:
(1) awesome, that was a 2 point takedown...I'm big and I'm badass, I belong here
(2) okay, now what...oh that's right do that ground and pound thing they kept talking about in training and try to improve my position...whoa, there's more to this than I thought
(3) holy shit! this guy's like a feakin' am I supposed to defend my neck, arms and legs all at the same time...and still keep on the offensive...I'm f*cked!

And that's my prediction

Xzior said...

I think we all know who is the favourite for this fight, but still this is MMA and we can't just sit back with certainty that Lesnar will lose. If Brock comes in with alot of heart and has had hardcore training, I'm not going to be surprised at all if he "brings it". Just checked and saw that he's going to have an episode on All-Access. I would like to see how his MMA training is going.

Overall I think Mir will win, but I hope Lesnar performs better than expected since we need more talent added to the Heavyweight Division.

lonelydead said...

Just to go against the grain I'm taking Lesnar to win this one. Mir is an amazing fighter with more ways to upset you than the american government and none of this is to discredit him, but I look at Lesnar and what he can do for the sport. Sure he's strictly a wrestler and he's freakishly strong, which is really all he has goin for him, but we've all seen huge success out of fighters with the same skills. *coughHughescoughcoughLiddellcough* If Mir wins then MMA stays the same as it is now, but if Lesnar can get the win that opens the door for so much more to happen. Think about it. Lesnar is like no other heavyweight we've seen, a win from him will encourage a whole list of jacked up musclefreaks to join UFC, as well as other "professional" wrestlers, say Kurt Angle for instance. I personally would love to see Angle and Liddell go at it just to see Angle get knocked out and if Lesnar can win I think that fight is almost a guarantee. All I'm saying is that a win from Lesnar can't hurt MMA, I can see things going sort of the way boxing does with huge fighters, ratings will shoot through the roof just to see these people fight, win or lose, which is really what MMA is about. I have my personal favs out there but I still watch every fight just to see the people fight and I really don't care who wins most of them, I just like watching someone pull an armbar or KO out of their ass. And if your like me when you watch and you see some guy in the cage and the commentators are talking about how he is a BJJ black belt champ or King of the Cage champ or something else like that, I'm usually let down from the hype by a seemingly boring fight. At least with the prospect of fight's like Lesnar/Mir I don't have to worry about that, if Mir puts a BJJ clinic on against Lesnar then we will all be sitting and laughing about how Lesnar is getting schooled or if Lesnar comes out and destroys Mir everyone will have to sit there, jaws dropped, thinking who's gonna stop this guy. I can't speak for everyone but I love seeing the "invincible" get broken. Take GSP for instance, he's a great fighter and seemingly invincible right now but really how great would it be to see him smashed into the ground, Serra did it and even if he never does it again that fight sticks out in everyone's mind to this day because of the emotions we felt watching that shit which is all I want, give me a fight I can care about and Lesnar/Mir and other fights like it are going to be what keeps us watching long after the whole Pride/UFC ordeal blows over. Nothing makes me happier than being shocked at a fight, often times those are what we talk about anyways rather than seeing Liddell or Hughes destroy some guy we knew they would beat anyway. That's just my opinion.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I think Lesner'll win this, because it's a marketing strategy and it's fixed.

Anonymous said...

Every BJJ fan is rooting for Mir as that is obvious in this blog, but the truth is Mir, although a black belt and former champ, is washed up. He can still get in there and submit some stepping stones leading up to this match so that they can build up his name and sell PPVs but he will get smashed by any decent opponent. Lesnar is obviously not that yet, but he is an absolute BEAST ! There is no telling how much weight he had to CUT to make 265. 99% of the time technique is better than strength. I believe this is that 1%. Have any of you ever grappled with someone that huge. He is too strong to arm bar and his neck is too big to choke. The fact that he has ANY wrestling gives him a chance and the fact he is a world class wrestler gives him a very good chance. I see this ending in a decision for Lesnar via LnP Koscheck style. The only way it ends any other way is if Lesnar lands a solid punch and continues ground and pound for a premature stoppage by referee or Mir pushes the pace constantly with submission attempts and he always looks dead after one round so I don't see that happening either.

Also, I hate to say it but I'm taking Sylvia via 4th round TKO. His takedown defense is too good and his reach will be a factor. Stick and move into round 4 until he lands a solid one and goes in for the finish like a man possessed to win back over some fans.

MMA Wallpapers SF said...

im pulling for brock

i can see him winning. and if he loses, no big deal, that was his second fight

fixxxer said...

lesnar to destroy mir

Anonymous said...

Completely agree with you dude. Mir by sub in the 2nd round either by armbar from the bottom or some sort of leglock, possibly heel hook.

Anonymous said...

I really truly wonder how much is fixed. This is terrible, but it happens.

Anonymous said...

Lesnar will win via TKO. Mir is just crap now, the only reason he was champ, was because the heavyweight division was very poor at the time.
I really hope Lesnar puts a beating on him and makes a point.

Anonymous said...

Sure there are many question that need to be answered about Lesnar. You touched on all of them.
But there are also many questions still that need to be answered about Frank Mir. Even though he may tell us he's back, I'm not convinced yet. His win over Hardonk was good but not great. Hardonk's ground game is deplorable at best. We also don't know if his conditioning has developed since his good old days.
Lesnar somewhat of an anomaly in the HW division. He's 265 lbs of flat out muscle. Something Mir has never faced in his career. He's also a natural athlete which means he's pretty agile for his weight.
On paper Mir should win, but then again he should have beat Pe de Pano and he should have finished Dan Christison.

terrafirma2hip said...

Well... you guys have a bunch of good points but I just had to correct that having a huge neck makes you easier to choke than a smaller neck FACT. Having a huge arms doesn't mean that shit won't explode from an armbar its easier to be submited the larger you are. Unless you are a Royce Gracie you are gonna have a broken arm if done right. The bigger you are the easier you are to submit because of less flexibilty and the more muscle around your neck the more it covers your vitals making it easier to cut your life line. Sorry but I had to say all that. Still rooting for Lesnar anyhow.

Anonymous said...

whoever said that lesnar and tim was gna win lol i think that brock did very bad he passed and even rocked frank a couple of times and couldnt even capitalise on it as for frank he went for an armbar got close and as soon as he got a leg it was over in 2 seconds and for big tim i dnt mind him but he was too causious and never really followed up his good shots and when he did decide to go after him he got submitted but everyone knows big nog has a great chin and i thik he went down on purpose not from shot to trick tim to get the submission - peace