Sunday, November 4, 2007

Graphic Picture of Kevin Randleman's Staph Infection

For those who don't know the story, former UFC and Pride fighter Kevin "The Monster" Randleman has been battling a very serious staph infection. Here's a snippet from

Over the last two years, Kevin has been experiencing a number of issues. He spent some time in the hospital at the turn of the new year and just recently had a severe bout of staph infection and is still feeling the effects of it.

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Anonymous said...

omg! yo rich put a warning up or something for that pic. i almost threw up.

anyways, i like your other blog and i'll be checking this one too. props brotherman. keep doing your thing.

Anonymous said...

where is tat located on his body??

i view yo blog urrday homie keep posting a plenty everyday good work DOOOODE

David said...

Yea I just got done battling staph that looked quite a bit like this. Thank god its over.
Good work Richard and keep it up man, if you would please send me an email telling me whether or not your gonna stream Ufc 78 Live that would be cool thanks man.

Anonymous said...

is this kind of staph infection any relation to the flesh eating disease that i've heard about. i've seen people lose limbs!!