Monday, November 5, 2007

Ken Shamrock vs Frank Shamrock a Possibility?

The president of the ElieXC is reportedly very interested in promoting a brother vs brother event. There's no blood relation between the 2, they were both adopted. Ken is 44 and Frank is 34. Heres a snippet from Gary Shaw courtesy of

“I talked to my team about it,” Shaw said. “I would love to do brother versus brother. It would be a great promotion.”

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In my opinion this is defenitely a PPV I would pay to see, Im not sure how close the brothers are, but it could sell some PPV's for sure. Frank looked great in his return to the ring against Phil Baroni, while Ken hasn't fought in a year with his last fight being his third loss to Tito Ortiz. Ken is a competitor though and this could be a very interesting fight if it were to happen.

By the way I don't if everybody knows but Frank Shamrock has a blog, check it out.


Aaron C. said...

This match can only end in disaster for Ken. The last person he should be matched up against is a younger, faster Frank.

Anonymous said...

There is no blood relation? How come they look alike?