Sunday, November 4, 2007

Top 10 MMA Dream Matches- No Sequels Allowed

Many MMA fans have their own personal fights that they would like to see, but might never happen. Hopefully the list I'm about write with come true and these fights will take place at some point in time. Chuck Liddell vs Wanderlei Silva is on for UFC 79, so that dream match has finally come true. Obviously there are many rematches that we would like to see, but I'll save that for another post.

10. Forrest Griffin vs Quinton Rampage Jackson- Dana White is dreaming of the day this fight takes place, both hardcore and reletively new fans would pay to see this fight. Griffin is coming off an amazing victory over Mauricio Rua, a fighter that Jackson lost too badly. Rampage has been on a roll and is getting more and more popular because of his charisma and personality.

9. BJ Penn vs Sean Sherk- This fight was planned and I was really excited about it, but unfortunately Sherk tested positive for steroids and now the lightweight belt is in limbo. Penn was recently quoted as telling Sherk to "grow some balls", this fight should happen down the road.

8. Wanderlei Silva vs Mauricio Shogun Rua- Wanderlei has stated many times that he will not fight his longtime friend and training partner, but what a fight it would be. They know each others styles in and out, it would be a true chess match. One stipulation, the fight has to be in a ring and soccer kicks and stomps are allowed.

7. Fedor Emelianenko vs Josh Barnett- This fight should've already happen but it never materialized. Barnett has long been considered the biggest threat to dethrone the Russian king, Emelianenko. For fans who have followed both of the fighter's careers this would be the ultimate test for Fedor.

6. Takanori Gomi vs Gilbert Melendez- This fight would be a war and both fighters have common opponents. Both fighters like to slug it out and it could be very similar to Gomi vs Nick Diaz which is one of the best fights Ive ever seen.

5. Anderson Silva vs Paulo Filho- Both of these fighters have tremendous Jiu-Jitsu skills, obviously Silva would have the advantage standing, but whatever the strategy would be this would be a dream matchup. Filho is undefeated and Silva looks like he could beat anyone on the planet right now. Dana White if your listening "Sign Paulo Filho!!!!".

4. Wanderlei Silva vs Fedor Emelianenko- Wanderlei has fought heavyweights like Crocop twice and Mark Hunt, why not the Fedor. This fight could've happened if Pride was still around, with their open-weight grand prix tournaments. Both fighters are warriors who give it everything they have in every fight. This fight is unfortunately probably never gonna happen.

3. Dan Henderson vs Anderson Silva- If Henderson were to drop back to middleweight, the hype for this fight would be enormous. Both fighters are so well-versed in every aspect of the game. Would Hendo's wrestling be too much for Silva? Could Hendo avoid the nasty clinch of Silva? Many more questions would be answered if this superfight were to take place.

2. Fedor Emelianenko vs Randy Couture- Whether you hate Fedor or you love him, all 3 fights with him in it that are on this list, you would pay to see. This fight was close to happening, if the UFC could've signed Fedor it would've probably been his first fight. Now that Fedor has signed with M-1 global and Couture has quit the UFC, its only a matter of months left on Couture's UFC contract that we could see this fight. Could Couture press the greco roman clinch and dirty box Fedor to death or would it be just another day at the office for the Russian experiment?

1. Kazushi Sakuraba vs Rickson Gracie- The "Gracie Hunter" against the legendary champion of the Gracie family, who claims to have won over 300 fights without a loss. This fight will probably never happen, but we can dream. This fight would be so huge in Japan you would probably have to kill 3 people just to get a nose bleed seat.


Geoffrey said...

I would've liked to see Saku vs. Rickson 6-7 years they're both out of their prime. Rickson more so, but Saku has that whole brain damage thing going on.

Agree with pretty much all the other ones. I think #11 has to be Machida vs. Forrest Griffin/Houston Alexander or even Rampage himself, and #12 is Karo vs. GSP (hopefully after GSP gets his belt back.

Anonymous said...

You forgot Bas vs Hickson. That would be nice. Heheh

Carlos said...

My dream fight (though it would never happen) would have to be Anderson Silva vs Fedor, that shit would be insane!

Anonymous said...

um yeah, this list is ok, but man, are you actually that up on your info? silva already said he'd avoid shogun, the same way shogun gave him respect when silva had the pride far as filho goes, he's already signed under zuffa, fighting for the dana has already signed him, setting him up for a big octagon debut w/ a record of 20-0 or far as i'm concerned, mcfedries vs alexander is the sickest fight out there for standup value, fedor vs randy for obvious reasons and gsp vs nick diaz at 170 for sick action.......thoughts??

Anonymous said...

Just wanted to say I found your blog (the old one) on delicious looking for "ufc..." tags and ever since I've watched it daily, including having stayed up half the night going through your archives. Your fight selection is immaculate and I look forward to new "top fight lists" <- it would also be good to see some kind of voting system below each fight that your readers could vote on. Keep the videos and commentary coming!

Anonymous said...

get a life richard 'faggy' pauley

Anonymous said...

get a life richard 'faggy' pauley

dude you get a life. stop posting the same shit over and over, joe. get over the fact you couldn't get help on your blog and calling him faggy because of his last name makes you gayer than he'll ever be. combined with your obsessive posting, you look like a real nutjob. it's not funny, clever or insulting, only insane. ass.

Tequila_Sauer said...

Bas v. Rickson should definitely be a top 10 and Barnett/Fedor should be way higher up.

The Henderson/Silva matchup is way too high up. Silva's ascension to top MW is only recent, thus putting a dream match with him at No. 3 over a match like Rickson/Bas or Barnett/Fedor is unfair.

Fedor/Barnett has been the HW dream match of Pride fans everywhere since Fedor's first win over Big Nog.

Anonymous said...

I know this probably wouldn't happen. But I would LOVE to see GSP vs Anderson Silva.

csreeves said...

What about the Silvas? I realize that they're in different weight classes...but we ARE talking about Dream Matches, right? Wandy vs. Anderson...for who's the best Silva in MMA! Is there anyone else who'd enjoy that duel?

Anonymous said...

I d'ont see barnett being a threat to fedor whatsoever. a fight that should hapen is -COUTURE VS NOGUEIRA-. also -FUJITA VS HUNT-(even though fujita lost his last fight to the american tatoo, i still believe he is beter and would win their rematch . also -MARK HUNT VS CHEICK KONGO-( a good first fight if hunt decided to join the ufc. also gomi vs sherck, and i think that since considering dan hendrson just got a shot at the title on his first fight, and lost, he should not get another shot on a titel on his next fight, he should fist fight and defeat rich franklin, than get anderson silva. also mark hunt vs tim silva, fedor vs tim silva + couture + barnet + kongo, where fedor would be the favorite 5 to 1

Anonymous said...

GSP vs Anderson Silva if they changed weight classes.

mr. incredible said...

wow i couldn't disagree more with the gsp nick diaz fight...nick would get outclassed wherever the fight was-did you see the sanchez diaz fight-not too exciting but shows that diaz cannot handle the good wrestlers gsp would have his way with him! but i think the list is legit pretty much the way it is!

Anonymous said...


lexxxluther said...

My 10 dream fights:

Kimbo Slice vs Brock Lesner

Randy Couture vs Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira

Anderson Silva vs Paulo Filho

Lyoto Machida vs Cung lee

B.J. Penn vs Takanori Gomi

Anderson Silva vs Georges St. Pierre

Andrei Arlovski vs Fedor

Quinton Jackson vs Rashad Evans

B.J. Penn vs Urijah Faber

Paulo Filho vs Wanderlei Silva

Anonymous said...

GSP vs Anderson Silva. super athlete vs super fighter